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2015 Winter Issue 6 (February 20, 2015)

    • Northfield ramps up for skate park project (Login Required)

      Skateboard savants, enthusiasts, and dabblers, your week just got a whole lot better. As early as September, there will be a skatepark in Northfield.

    • Bon Appetit worker shortage plagues dining halls (Login Required)

      Because four Bon Appetit staff members left over winter break, the dining halls and Sayles have been understaffed for the entire term.

    • Mock Trial presses suit to championships (Login Required)

      In the Regionals of the annual American Mock Trial competition hosted by Hamline University in Saint Paul Friday, Jan. 30 to Sunday, Feb. 1, the Carleton mock trial team won third place and qualified to continue to the opening round championships over spring break.

    • MHAC Event a Success (Login Required)

      This past Tuesday Carls gathered in the Chapel to take part in the second annual Break the Silence, organized by The Mental Health Awareness Collective (MHAC).

    • Fetzer gets a word in (Login Required)

      Controversial speaker James Fetzer made his appearance in Northfield Wednesday evening at the public library after the cancellation of the Cowtalks speaking series of which he was to take part.

    • Elections loom on horizon (Login Required)

      On Thursday night, the loudspeakers crackled on, and the CSA debate began.

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    • Plucky dance group EDB finds their groove (Login Required)

      Last weekend, a term and a half’s worth of student-choreographed dance moved across the big dance studio to a packed audience. The show by the Experimental Dance Board included eight pieces with dancers from all years and this performance marks only the second year of the group’s existence.

    • Lenny Dee “hits the mark” with quick-paced comedy (Login Required)

      Sketch comedy group Lenny Dee opened their winter show “Dee by Lenny for Lenny Dee” last night in Little Nourse Theater and will continue to run Friday and Saturday nights.

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    • Inside the life of Jim Jarvis (Login Required)

      Jim Jarvis, Carleton’s strength and conditioning coach, bounces a white lacrosse ball on the rubber floor as he circles the weight room at Laird Stadium. “Stacy’s Mom” is playing on the speaker system. It’s Modern Rock Monday, Jarvis says.

    • Track takes Second at Meet of Hearts (Login Required)

      The Carleton College women’s track and field squad hosted its last home meet of the indoor season, and the Knights won five events in finishing second in the team competition at the Kelly Family Meet of the Hearts.

    • 800M record broken twice (Login Required)

      For the second time in as many days, first-year Jerry Cook-Gallardo (Moscow, Idaho/Moscow) established a new Carleton College men’s indoor track and field team record for the 800-meter dash.

    • Knights remain undefeated after rout of Grinnel (Login Required)

      The Carleton College men’s tennis team continued its barnstorming tour of the Upper Midwest with an 8-1 triumph over regionally-ranked Grinnell College.

    • Knights score 25 runs in an offensive Saturday split (Login Required)

      After engaging in a low-scoring affair in the season opener on Friday, the bats came alive for the Carleton College baseball team on Saturday.

    • Bench key in victory (Login Required)

      Led by Tianen Chen (So./Germantown Hills, Ill./Metamora Township), who poured in a game-high 18 points, the reserves for the Knights provided a boost as the Carleton College men’s basketball team rallied for a come-from-behind 51-49 victory over Concordia College.

    • We’ll Get ‘em Next Year (Login Required)

      Despite a game-high 14 points from Michele Arima (Jr./Valencia, Calif./West Ranch), the Carleton College women’s basketball team dropped a 64-56 result at Saint Mary’s University.

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    • Electronic Pet Responsibility (Login Required)

      On the top of my Christmas list every year was one thing: a dog. And until I was twelve, that dream didn’t come true.

    • Reform Medical Transport (Login Required)

      On Wednesday, February 11th, I woke up feeling feverish, weak, and dizzy after having a nasty sore throat the night before.

    • Comfort in Conspiracy (Login Required)

      Conspiracy theories are appealing, because they give the world order. So much of what happens in our world is chaotic, and things happen without any discernible reason.

    • Reframe the Blame (Login Required)

      Someone’s gone missing, turned up in a hospital or worse yet is just suddenly and impossibly gone.

    • “What is the Value of a Carleton Education?” (Login Required)

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    • Foxing Out Winter Animals (Login Required)

      When most people think about the Arb in winter, it seems cold, bleak and devoid of life, however, while it may be a little quieter than in the summer months, it is still inhabited by a number of animals, some of the most active of which are the warm-blooded mammals.

    • The Most Stressed is Not the Best  (Login Required)

      You know, the time when Carls are super busy, have a lot of work, and become incredibly stressed? Oh, wait, that’s true for every day of the academic year for every Carleton student.

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