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2016 Spring Issue 4 (April 29, 2016)

    • David Loy '69 returned his honorary degree to raise awareness for divestment. Photo by Allie Tucker.

      Alum returns honorary degree in protest (Login Required)

      "Investment is not a morally neutral issue. Where we put our money is, like it or not, a sign of our involvement in something. Investment is not something that should be done just thinking in terms of highest returns, but we do need to look at these moral concerns."

    • Courtesy of Steven Spehn

      $35.6 million Weitz expansion will house music department, performance spaces (Login Required)

      “I think everybody’s happy with it,” said assistant professor of music Andy Flory. “We really wanted to integrate music into the other creative aspects going on at the Weitz; it seems like there’s an energy there.”

    • Students petition to redefine BIRT (Login Required)

      "We will absolutely look at issues of historical marginalization and oppression. It won’t be the only thing we look at. It’s absolutely critical that we pay attention to all issues of historical marginalization and how to address them while still leaving the door open to other concerns."

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    • Raiders of the Lost Archives column

      Raiders of the Lost Archives: Early Days of Scoville Memorial Library (Login Required)

      "Scoville was the birthplace of Carleton’s unofficial mascot. The May 1, 1898, Carletonia briefly mentioned “a very beautiful gift” of artwork from Miss Isabella Watson, namesake of our high-rise dormitory. Included in the gift were busts of the German writers Johann Goethe—and, of course, Friedrich Schiller."

    • Graphic by Nam Anh Nguyen, Graphics Editor

      Vegans crave more from Bon Appétit (Login Required)

      “If I could ask Bon App for one thing, it’d just be one hot vegan entrée at each dining hall, every meal,” Culotta said. “Because a vegan is going to show up at the dining hall every time. There should be something.”

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    • Is Jake Arrieta a one-year wonder? (Login Required)

      "In 2013, Arrieta was traded to the Chicago Cubs during the middle of the season. This was a change of scenery that proved to be the greatest move for his career, and for the Chicago Cubs organization. Chicago got a guy who had all the tools to becoming a great pitcher. But did they really believe he could be as good as he is now?"

    • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      Basketball standout leaves for 3-2 program (Login Required)

      "Tianen is a perfect candidate. He is a very bright and hardworking young man who has done extremely well with his course work in the physics department."

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    • Warnings for safety, not sensitivity (Login Required)

      "We need to realize that content warnings are there to have discussions, but also to help healing and mental health."

    • The hypocrisy of "social liberalism" (Login Required)

      "If we begin to use comfort as the standard via which we determine what is “permissible” and what isn’t, then we’ve never really taken the principle of social openness seriously."

    • Pay for an opinion (Login Required)

      "In cases where angry alumni assert their right to have a voice in campus proceedings on forums like the somewhat infamous “Overheard at Carleton,” I wonder why are you using your alumni voice here?"

    • The neglected story of war (Login Required)

      "These unintended consequences are those which occur whenever you intervene in a conflict years in the making, from an outsider's perspective."

    • Dangerous assumptions detrimental to dialogue (Login Required)

      "In my view, the road to a freer and more just society doesn't begin with more self-limiting rules and regulations. Instead, it begins with giving ourselves over to the arduous, near sacred work of striving for empathy and compassion in our words and our actions."

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