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2016 Fall Issue 1 (September 23, 2016)

    • Picture by Audrey Kan.

      All-gender bathrooms open on fourth libe (Login Required)

      "As a part of summer construction across campus, two allgender restrooms were added to Fourth Libe. These two new restrooms bring the total number of Libe restrooms to six. There are also two located on Third and two located on First Libe. These four bathrooms are exclusive to individuals that identify as either male or female. The addition of the Fourth Libe bathrooms has been in the facilities master plan for a long time."

    • Community mourns student Sid Ramakrishnan (Login Required)

      “It made me feel the love and support of the community at large during a time when everything felt dark and confusing,” Makowsky said. “Walking into Sayles and seeing every mailbox filled with flowers is a beautiful thing.”

      A longer remembrance of Sid Ramakrishnan will follow in next week's issue.

    • Students to see increase in work-study wages (Login Required)

      "We’re pleased that we can offer students a little bit more than just the minimum, and I think it reflects the value we place on student employment and the time that students have to work."

    • Changes coming to Dean’s office (Login Required)

      Speaking on changes to the Dean of Students' Office, a new Title IX Coordinator, and expanding the Title IX Program.

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    • NSW features revamped alcohol seminar (Login Required)

      "In previous years, the topics taught in AlcoholEdu, such as recognizing a standard drink, staying safe, and helping others, overlapped with what was taught in The Buzz. Now, with What’s Your BAC?, alcohol talks at NSW have diversified to show that options for both drinking and not drinking are available to Carleton students"

    • Photo by Kayla Rudess.

      Freshman starts his Carleton career in full gear (Login Required)

      "And then there is Ezra Ward-Packard, ’20. As a 22-year-old Carleton freshman who is commencing his undergraduate experience after three years in work as competitive cyclist, he breaks the typical firstyear mold in multiple aspects. If he started college the year after graduating from high school in 2013, he would now be among the college’s current seniors."

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    • Making our Knights strong: the man behind Carleton athletics (Login Required)

      Since he began his job in the fall of 2013, Carleton Strength and Conditioning Coach Jim Jarvis has made an enormous impact on the athletic community. “I like the interaction with college athletes. [They] come in as clueless little freshmen and then all of a sudden they are lifting 230 pounds a year later. I enjoy going to games and seeing the hard work in the weight room pay off on the field."

    • Volleyball pulls off an upset (Login Required)

      "The rain came down in sheets, but not even the soaking conditions could keep the Knight faithful away from the storm taking place inside West Gymnasium as the Carleton College volleyball team took down the squad from Bethel University in a five-set thriller (25-23, 21-25, 16-
      25, 27-25, 18-16) Wednesday evening."

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    • Writer: Student body needs to rethink its priorities (Login Required)

      "I need to talk about the Carleton bubble. I haven’t really talked to anybody about the Carleton bubble since I was a freshman, but that is not, I think, something that indicates it has burst. Rather, it seems to me that it is no longer a dangling feature of Carleton, but instead a defining component of this school—something not fought against or even joked about, but taken for granted and even appreciated by everyone who is a part of this community."

    • The downside of academic rigor (Login Required)

      "As notable educator Kurt Hahn said, “Education must enable young people to effect what they have recognized to be right, despite hardships, despite dangers, despite inner skepticism, despite boredom and despite mockery from the world.” Can Carleton claim to be helping us in this regard, or is this something simply beyond the scope of a four-year collegiate institution? I’m not sure, but I believe it is at least worth considering."

    • Blinded by the liberal arts mind-set (Login Required)

      "As it stands now, I am armed with higher-order thinking skills, but I have no concept of what jobs I can pursue nor how to pursue them. Carleton gave me knowledge, but I do not know how to use what I have learned, and so what use is that knowledge anyway?"

    • Meaningless good intentions (Login Required)

      " It would be a relief to see my peers worry less about policing “microaggressions” and instead worry more about how the War on Drugs has destroyed the lives of millions of black and brown families across this country. I’m not arguing that all of us on this campus should strive to be wonks obsessed with the nitty-gritty details of real-world policy, but rather that we should use more of our potential in ways that will actually shape tangible change, instead of merely saying the right words that sound pretty and then patting ourselves on the back for supposedly doing our part."

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    • On Board for Burton (Login Required)

      "The new term has ushered in many changes: a gigantic C, a skyscraper stuck onto the Weitz, the LDC’s shiny new roof. In all these exciting additions, Burton’s humble update is easy to miss."

    • Where Once Was Prairie (Login Required)

      "The Arb looked pretty different circa 1800. To the west of the Cannon River, dense forest, the “Big Woods,” stretched for miles while open prairie and oak savanna dominated the landscape to the east. These neighboring ecosystems supported radically different plant and animal life. The Big Woods were full of hardwoods while the prairie was home to species such as big bluestem grass and prairie chickens."

    • Not-So-Fine Fines (Login Required)

      A list of fun ways that Carleton is planning on taking your money this year.

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