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  • The close-mindedness of Carleton (Login Required)

    Carleton students are close-minded and lack an ability to listen to conservative perspectives. The prototypical Carleton student is democratic, pro-environment, pro-choice, and against all forms of establishment. If you are not a democrat you will be ostracized and looked at like a crazy person.

  • Politics: Doing it Right (Login Required)

    If we go through our time at Carleton without having open conversations, it would be a betrayal of the liberal arts ethos of this institution.

  • Caring, but not caring enough (Login Required)

    Carls are "slactivists," people who talk a lot about cultural issues like gender inequality but don’t care enough to make an actual difference or change their lives for an impact.

  • I wish could admit it, I believe in God (Login Required)

    I’ve spent so much time trying to understand why Carleton is, at times, anti-religion. I am not irrational because I am religious. I have faith not because I feel the need to explain everything or because I do not believe that science dictates certain features in our world.

  • Making the most of hypocrisy (Login Required)

    Sometimes we act as if being self-aware solves the problem. Just because we’ve identified an inconsistency between our beliefs and actions does not mean we are better people for it. Recognition is not a solution.

  • Making peace with hypocrisy? (Login Required)

    Sometimes, life can be a beautiful mess of contradictions. But if you live two different lives, flipping back and forth between your ideals and how you actually act, life can be difficult.

  • Are we something? (Login Required)

    The definition of relationships is atomized in a fun way. But atomization shows that the relationships are formed unnaturally, without effort and time. Light relationships are also fun but serious relationships can mean something more precious.

  • Too Long; Didn’t LDR (Login Required)

    The Carleton bubble is a bubble for a reason. A Long Distance Relationship can end quickly if it means not fully committing to your Carleton academics and friendships.

  • Divestment, Now it's up to the board (Login Required)

    At Carleton, support for divestment is strong and growing stronger. Now CRIC, a group created by the Board of Trustees itself to furnish recommendations for more responsible investing, has issued a resounding call to action. The initiative rests with the Board of Trustees.

  • Great Expectations (Login Required)

    We’re all just trying to survive the dating game, looking for happiness, and we can only do so the way that feels authentic to us individually.

  • Nice guys don’t finish first (Login Required)

    You need to know your self worth: you need to know that you can afford to be picky. You can afford to reject those first dates and not have a guilty conscience over it because you’re afraid of hurting a nice boy’s feelings.

  • The fight is now (Login Required)

    I was taught how to walk, talk, date, and love like man, a straight man. But now, several years later, I’m trying to understand why no one in my environments was challenging the structures of gender and sexuality.