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  • Inclusion + Diversity = Tolerance + Aggression (Login Required)

    What we are advocating for is an environment where faculty and staff are better equipped to deal with systemic inequities, and so do not hinder student learning and personal development.

  • Selfie. Art by Kera Ling.

    In defense of the selfie (Login Required)

    If that’s how you celebrate your body, and if it isn’t a source of negativity in any way, go for it. We all ought to get a little friendlier with our own image.

  • Selfie. Art by Ambrin Ling.

    Celebrating the Selfie (Login Required)

    The main question to ask yourself when taking a selfie is, “What’s my intent?” If you’re just trying to thrive in positivity, taking a selfie to have fun, sending a Snap to a loved friend, or taking a moment to appreciate those around you, go for it. If you selfie, do it responsibly. Treat yourself well.

  • Divest Carleton responds to the trustees’ recent decision (Login Required)

    A response from students to the board's decision not to divest.

  • Dismissal of divestment is not Carleton (Login Required)

    Carleton alum and former professor details his disappointment with the Board of Trustee's refusal to divest from the fossil fuel industry

  • The Dining Hall Debate (Login Required)

    Burton vs LDC, opinions from two opposing writers.

  • Hands on learning for high rankings (Login Required)

    While Carleton students are encouraged to stretch the limits of their mind, they are not encouraged to acquire practical skills – if students want to learn how to grow their own food, build a home, fix a car, they do not have access to professional instruction. And I think that this educational structure does great injustice to students.

  • A new side of privilege (Login Required)

    Take a deep breath while you here. Rankings matter. We can ignore them or we can acknowledge what they mean for our community. I choose the latter.

  • Campus Pride Index and its relationship to Carleton (Login Required)

    I challenge everyone who reads this to the end to self-educate yourselves on how social identities shape our experiences at Carleton and join the conversation about how we can improve our community.

  • The modern reaction to violence: Have you seen this? (Login Required)

    As a culture, we need to stop desensitizing ourselves to violence and remind each other that we are all human, not replaceable. We can’t let our desire for the most popular video, for the most views, to compromise our humanity and the dignity of others.

  • I’m not “quirky” (Login Required)

    Seeing OCD as “quirky” and part of the “manic pixie dream girl” package, seeing people with Bipolar disorder as unstable, or seeing people with depression as lazy, but luckily creative, dismisses the seriousness of these disorders.

  • Eating for one...eternally (Login Required)

    We are largely obsessed with the future; what’s coming up in our lives, how Carleton will help us reach our goals, and how there’s no possible way anything could slow us down from reaching these goals. Kids are just not part of the immediate future for me.