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  • Picturing Diversity (Login Required)

    I’ve found there to be something deeply perturbing with the Carleton idea of diversity since I first set foot on campus. I attribute this initially to the lack of people of color.

  • "People wore goofy flamingo sweaters:" The importance of visiting colleges (Login Required)

    Before I went on my first college visit, I thought that spending the night with a stranger was pretty high on the list of Things Not To Do.

  • Memories of Accepted Students' Day: A Carleton "Meet-Cute" (Login Required)

    If you’ve ever taken a CAMS class, you probably know what a meet-cute is. (Admittedly, I’ve not yet taken a CAMS class at Carleton, so this is just a guess.)

  • Freebie "Taste of Carleton" draws Prospies to Minnesota (Login Required)

    Prospies. The more, the merrier. The familiar bobble-head doll gaggle of high school seniors plodding about respectfully behind a tour guide proudly demonstrating his or her refined ability to talk and walk backwards at the same time.

  • College blues (Login Required)

    For my whole life I’ve heard the phrase that “college will be the best four years of your life.” For my whole life I’ve heard the phrase that “college will be the best four years of your life.”

  • Stephen Walt and Esslinger ’16 talk Kissinger, Putin, and kinetic energy (Login Required)

    To kick off a new collaboration with KRLX News, The Carletonian Viewpoint is reprinting an interview conducted with Prof. Stephen Walt, a visiting speaker, in the fall of 2014 by KRLX News Director Max Esslinger ‘16.

  • Electronic Pet Responsibility (Login Required)

    On the top of my Christmas list every year was one thing: a dog. And until I was twelve, that dream didn’t come true.

  • Reform Medical Transport (Login Required)

    On Wednesday, February 11th, I woke up feeling feverish, weak, and dizzy after having a nasty sore throat the night before.

  • Comfort in Conspiracy (Login Required)

    Conspiracy theories are appealing, because they give the world order. So much of what happens in our world is chaotic, and things happen without any discernible reason.

  • Reframe the Blame (Login Required)

    Someone’s gone missing, turned up in a hospital or worse yet is just suddenly and impossibly gone.

  • “What is the Value of a Carleton Education?” (Login Required)

  • Carleton and Colgate; what comparison teaches (Login Required)

    Over our tremendously long (ha) Midterm Break, I visited my twin sister at Colgate University in upstate New York. During my stay, I began to notice the striking differences between Colgate University and Carleton College.