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  • Bob vs. Blob (Login Required)

    This week we celebrated the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare and so perhaps it’s appropriate to think a bit about theater. Of course, talking about comedy and tragedy as if they were fixed dialectically opposed entities is misleading.

  • Divest for Climate Justice (Login Required)

    On Saturday, April 12th at 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time, the President and members of the Board of Trustees of Pitzer College stood alongside student and faculty representatives to deliver a historic announcement.

  • Major Declarations: Not With a Bang (Login Required)

    The sophomores have officially decided their futures. Well, at least through the next few years. The time for major declaration has passed and so this is a pretty exciting event for the class of 2016, right? Not so for most sophomores.

  • An Ole Dad Told Me to Go to Carleton (Login Required)

    During my time at Carleton, I have been engulfed by this false perception that we Carls are “better” than students at Olaf or Macalester or any of the other schools in Minnesota or across the US who happen to be lower on the ranking than we are.

  • Don’t Be Happy (Login Required)

     I used to pray before I went to bed every night. I’d close my eyes, flash each of my family members before the projector in the mind’s eye, and murmur: “I love you mom, please keep mom safe. I love you grandpa, please keep grandpa safe, I love you gramma, and so forth.”

  • Most Likely to Become an Archdruid? (Login Required)

    “You’ve been voted ‘Most Likely to Become a Religious Official,’” said the boy with the clipboard. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I responded, looking up from my high school lunch table.

  • 'Angry Atheists’: the Ultimate Oxymoron (Login Required)

    My mom was raised Catholic and my dad was raised Missouri-Synod. Now, although both are sects of Christianity, their marriage caused some controversy within their two families.

  • Why the Lack of US Press Coverage May Be a Good Thing for Venezuela (Login Required)

    What is going to happen in Venezuela? How is your family doing? Why isn’t the US media covering what it is going on in your country? The most honest answer out there: no one really knows, my family is safe, and I don’t know.

  • The Internet, Where Anger Lives (Login Required)

    Yes, the Internet is where stupidity lives, but I believe that the greater problem is how the Internet perpetuates impersonal anger. Although the classic examples of unorganized Facebook rants and mean YouTube comments still hold true, I believe the Internet has evolved.

  • Love is Infinite Distance (Login Required)

    There was a time when I wanted to be a writer. And I don’t mean one of the thousands anonymous names whose books gather dust all over the Libe. A great writer. I was going write the Next Great American Novel.

  • Writing (Login Required)

    Since his freshman year, Michael Goodgame had been a columnist for the Carletonian, contributing to the campus discourse on issues ranging from media and politics to philosophy and science.

  • To the Carleton Community (Login Required)

    Around 3 pm last Friday, the universe in our corner of the world shifted into shock, disbelief, and grief. As a resident of the neighborhood adjacent to the College, and as an alum, I am writing to let you know that we, your neighbors, felt this shift as well.