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  • Successful MLK dinner raises questions about race (Login Required)

    On Monday evening, Carleton students came together in the Weitz atrium to celebrate the birthday and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Bon Appetit wins marquis vegan rating despite qualms (Login Required)

    Carleton’s dining halls have received a nod of approval from peta2, PETA’s youth division. The organization gave Carleton an A on its Vegan Report Card, according to its website.

  • Nude mag may earn CSA funds (Login Required)

    Skin Deep, a student-run nude magazine, has taken a leap closer to its first issue.

  • Cow conspiracy series sparks faculty backlash (Login Required)

    The decision of the local bar The Contented Cow to feature a holocaust denier as part of its series of
    ‘CowTalks’ has created a severe controversy on campus and in the wider community.

  • Ebola Scare Puts Paid to Ghana Trip (Login Required)

    As individual cases of Ebola started popping up across the Unites States last Fall, Carleton took some precautionary steps.

  • Picking Up Nirvana, Not Coffee (Login Required)

    Alexander Lee ’17 traveled to Vimutti Buddhist Monastery in New Zealand over winter break as a part of Carleton’s increased externship opportunities.

  • A Bright Future for Solar (Login Required)

    A new source of renewable energy is taking root just down the road from Carleton’s two wind turbines.

  • Professors Urge College to Join Divestment Movement (Login Required)

    Sixty-six professors have signed a letter to the administration and the Board of Trustees, urging Carleton to eliminate its direct holdings in the top 200 fossil-fuel companies and to consider divesting from the fossil-fuel companies in its co-mingled funds.

  • Green Cups Program Takes a Spill (Login Required)

    After Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment’s (SOPE) five-year battle to establish a reusable cup system, winter term has begun, and reusable cups are no more.

  • Ebola: SHAC Hopes for Best, Plans for Worst (Login Required)

    What seems to be the most common response at Carleton to the threat of widespread Ebola in the United States is dismissal of any such risk and acknowledgement that the most pressing issues are in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  • Falling Fellowships Prompt Director Search

    The number of Carls who apply for the most prestigious fellowships is dropping. Mike Flynn isn’t concerned.

  • Full Frontal at 8:30 pm

    “So many butts.” If you attended the fall ebony II recital you may have seen more of a show than originally expected when streakers visited the event.