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  • Mellon Grant Helps St. Olaf, Carleton

    St. Olaf College, though just across the Cannon and up the Hill, will soon seem much closer, thanks to an expanding academic partnership with Carleton.

  • Barry Lopez came to Carleton to talk about his career, the craft of writing and the environment.

    Lopez and “The Darkness of Contemporary Life”

    Barry Lopez, prominent author and essayist of the environmental movement, gave a public presentation, “The Writer and Social Responsibility” on Thursday, October 2.

  • Poster for the new American Music concentration

    From Bluegrass to Beyonce, American Music Concentration Aims for a Wide Audience

    For those with an interest in music and the communities and society that give it context, there is a new interdisciplinary concentration available this year in American Music.

  • Maher’s Act Wins Laughs But Few Converts

    Comedian Bill Maher came to the Grand Theater last Tuesday to rally support for Democrat Mike Obermueller, who is challenging Republican incument John Kline in the race for the second district state representative.

  • Emily Buckner ’15 examines Ben Doherty’s display at LDC.

    Local Farm Wins Bon Appetit Funding

    Farmer Ben Doherty greeted students as they passed through the LDC lunch line Sept. 23, offering them bowls of something dark green and leafy.

  • Laundry Change Eliminates Change (Login Required)

    As a result of a new contract, Carleton changed its laundry service this year, with campus houses switching from coin-operated units to flat rate of $25 per term.

  • Sandell’s Expulsion Repealed

    Zosie Sandell, a sophomore who faced expulsion for drug possession, got a reprieve Sept. 26 when a Judicial Hearing Board decided she could return to Carleton after a one-year suspension.

  • Carleton students marched to raise awareness about climate justice in NYC.

    Carls Join 350,000 in NYC Climate March

    Sixteen Carleton students spent their first weekend of the school year fighting for the future of the planet.

  • Hackers Beffudle ITS Firewall: Students Vexed

    ITS published software Friday to help Mac users connect to eduroam, Carleton’s wireless provider.

  • Externship Offerings Expanded as Part of Careers Push

    Teaching preschool at Bright Horizons Family Solutions in Minneapolis, reading manuscripts at Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents in New York City, or working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Maryland will be a part of some students’ winter breaks as a result of the Career Center’s expanded externship offerings.

  • Pluto, a 3-year-old cat, reaches for a furry high five.

    Carls Care - About Cats

    While first-year Carls are finding a new home in Northfield, so are the animals at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

  • After Survey, ITS Wrangles with Spotty WiFi (Login Required)

    ITS plans to improve wifi accessibility and to make the Hub and Moodle more user friendly in response to the results of a Measuring Information Systems Outcomes (MISO) survey.