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  • Ultimate teams’ success: bold statement about Carls

    In the world of competitive ultimate frisbee, Carleton College is a tiny school with a national reputation. Despite the school’s prestige, our two top men’s club teams have the chance to make history this weekend. For the first time ever, both the Carleton Ultimate Team (CUT) and the Gods of Plastic (GOP) are in position to advance to the Division I national tournament in Madison. Carleton is hosting the Midwest regional tournament this weekend, where that unprecedented scenario could be realized.

  • Midterm break: The ‘Tonian’s to-do list

    The latest issue of The Voice had a bucket list of things to do before graduating.  Here is The Carletonian's midterm break version.

  • Inherent inequalities in unpaid internships

    Whether these internships are a way for businesses to get free labor, a clear violation of the law, is currently under review. This is a crucial issue for lawmakers but the problem that hits closer to home is the widening stratification between privileged and disadvantaged students.

  • Priorities for our next President of the College

    We want to be among the first to congratulate Steve Poskanzer on his appointment as the next president of Carleton College. Taking leadership at a prestigious college can be a daunting task and we realize that it is not the easiest time to be stepping into this position. President Oden leaves behind a legacy that will be hard to live up to and there are also many issues that the college is currently facing.

  • Alcohol summit needs to present the facts

    With the specter of stricter alcohol enforcement looming over students all year, it’s time for our community to have a transparent conversation about booze at Carleton.

  • Certainly young, definitely not invincible: The realities of health insurance

    Some basic facts about health care. The census estimates that 46 million Americans currently do not have health insurance. Of those uninsured, nearly 30% of them are young adults (ages 18 – 24) representing the largest group that pay out of pocket for health care. The only problem is, our population usually can’t afford it.

  • The responsibility of CSA

    By the end of the CSA debate yesterday evening, there were about 20 people in the Great Space. Only six of us were actually there for the debate.  Students filed by, ordering coffee and sandwiches, without as much as a glance towards their fellow students competing for the right to represent them.  The ironic part of this dismal turnout? There are actually enough candidates to debate this year.

  • Student Privacy vs. Important Reporting

    For the sake of the privacy of our fellow students, The Carletonian has a long standing precedent of not reporting on alcohol related medical transports to Northfield Hospital. Though protecting the identities of our peers is important, the rule has forced this paper to sacrifice informing the public about an alarming increase in the number life-threatening alcohol related injuries.

  • Seeking the counterpoint: In our own backyard and abroad

    The devastating earthquake in Haiti has garnered 24-hour news coverage and deservedly so. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake on Jan. 12 has killed an estimated 200,000 people. The world’s attention should be concentrated on helping this country back to its feet. The media coverage however has unfortunately been one-sided.

  • Waiting for change

    We voted for change in 2008. One year into his presidency, we are still waiting.

  • What’s your favorite thing about winter term at Carleton?

    I really enjoy the people who yell at me when I eat snow. I only eat the clean patches, and it's really not that different from eating grass, which is my snack-off-the-ground of choice during the more fertile seasons.

  • A call for help we cannot ignore

    There are many things we can avoid or ignore from within the safety of our Carleton bubble. The recent tragedy in Haiti is simply not one of those things that can be easily brushed aside.