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  • Campus Security Cameras Multiply

    There are approximately sixty cameras dispersed around Carleton’s campus, although the numbers are constantly increasing, with almost ten to twenty added per year according to Security’s needs.

  • CSA Passes Drug Policy Resolution, Creates Task Force to Spark Discussion

    Zosie Sandell’s ’17 suspension for drug possession earlier this term sparked a conversation about Carleton’s drug policies, which prompted the CSA Senate to pass a resolution that calls for revisions to Carleton’s alcohol and drug policy.

  • DevX

    DevX Gives Programmers Real-World Experience

    Computer science is the second most popular major with 56 declared majors in the class of 2016, up from 14 in the class of 2008.

  • Ghana Trip Cancelled

    As a result of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Carleton canceled its winter break off-campus studies trip to Ghana.

  • CSA met last Monday night to discuss the student divestment campaign.

    Divestment Wins CSA Approval, Heads to Board

    Orange is the new green at Carleton.

  • Editorial

    Local politics are difficult to follow, in part because they do not follow strict party lines. We cannot simply say, “he’s the DFL candidate, so I’ll vote for him.”

  • Aid Budget Can’t Help All

    Carleton’s admissions brochures highlight the College’s generous financial aid policies and its diverse study body.

  • DFL Looks to Harvest Cassat Votes in Election

    With the midterm election approaching, candidates running in local races have come to campus and have collaborated with clubs to convince Carleton’s students to turn out to vote in Northfield on Tuesday.

  • Happy Carleton students eating!

    Sweet Teeth Beware: Sugar Cuts

    Although Bon Appétit has no plans to reduce sugar in the dining halls, it hopes to inform students about the dangers of sugar through informational campaigns and to allow students to take responsibility for their own nutrition.

  • Drone footage!

    Drone Aims to Woo Prospies

    Carleton bought a drone.
    Yes, you heard that right.

  • "Toxic Taters"

    McDonald’s Meets McActivism: A nugget size protest

    Tuesday afternoon a small group Carleton and St. Olaf students stood outside the Northfield McDonald’s, holding signs that read, “END ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM” and “RURAL DESTRUCTION ONGOING.”

  • Classics professor Rob Hardy

    A “Dead” Language, Revivus

    The old is new at Greenvale Elementary School, where some 40 third, fourth, and fifth graders have signed up for Latin Club, which is facilitated by Latin 204 students.