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  • Daniel Groll/The Counterfactuals

    The Counterfactuals Debuts First Album

    The Counterfactuals, a Carleton and St. Olaf faculty-composed band, released its first album last month.

  • Professor Carpenter

    French Prof. Scott Carpenter’s Debut Novel Receives Rave Reviews

    When Scott Carpenter is not busy teaching his The Lyric and Other Seduction class, or preparing for his spring term Paris study-abroad program, you may find him scribbling away, at work on a novel.

  • Sister Simone Campbell addressed Carleton College.

    Sister Campbell Discuses Social Justice with Humor and an Open Mind

    Sister Simone Campbell looked “right at home” behind the chapel podium, although she had never been to Carleton before.

  • Unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, like strawberry.

    E-Cigarettes: A Safer Alternative to Smoking or the Tobacco Industry’s Latest Ploy?

    Early last December, New York City voted to ban the smoking of e-cigarettes in public places. The decision, which was one of outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg’s last objectives, inserts e-cigarettes into the definition of smoking in the Smoke Free Air Act.

  • Frozen door.

    Coldest Temperatures in 20 Years

    Despite Minnesota winters, with January temperatures averaging seven Fahrenheit and with record lows of -60 Fahrenheit, Carleton has never canceled classes in response to the weather, according to College Archivist Eric Hilleman.

  • Students mingle over food at a Sophomorphosis event in the Career Center on Thursday Jan. 16.


    Takeshi Hidaka ’16 had no idea what to do this summer. An internship? A job? “I didn’t know where to start,” he said.

  • Griffin Johnson ‘14 and Ingrid Ashida ‘14 enjoy an end of term “date."

    Date Knight for Carls

    Some were hoping for a new friend. Others, “a French girl.” One sophomore only came because his roommate talked him into it. “I’m hoping that it’s not awkward enough to kill me,” he said.

  • Swimmers lined up for the Hour of Power.

    Students Pay Tribute to Mullin '06 in "Hour of Power" Workout

    The noise level in the front row at a rock concert is typically about 110 decibels. The cheering inside Carleton College's Thorpe Pool topped 120 on Tuesday.

  • CSA Looks to Spend $170k Surplus

    From placing furniture on the Bald Spot to adding water bottle refilling stations to Sayles, the CSA’s Committee for Student Projects (CSP) is researching how to spend the $170,000 that has accumulated as a result of the Carleton Student Association’s past 12 years of budget surpluses.

  • Zonnie Gorman discusses the Code Talkers, Navajo men who relayed secret communications during WWII.

    Recognized Historian Zonnie Gorman Speaks About Navajo Code Talkers from WWII

    Zonnie Gorman spoke from the heart last Friday about the experiences of the Navajo code talkers and the important contribution they made to World War II that is often overlooked.

  • Pet tortoise Ellis was ordered by a student, and shipped live to the Carleton Postal Office.

    Tortoise Shipped to Post Office

    Someone heard a rumor that a tortoise was being shipped to Carleton through the post office, and I was determined to track down the mystery pet.

  • Carleton Grads Rank Highest in Public Service

    Most colleges want to broadcast how intelligent, thoughtful and engaged their student body is. Colleges’ view books, the ones that are sent to prospective high school juniors and seniors, consistently advertise the "model student" who is a brilliant academic, an active member of various clubs or teams, and a humanitarian in the works— engaged in meaningful community service.