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  • Carleton Student Association Senate

    Senate reverses decision on CEDI seat

    In an interesting turn of events, on Monday, the CSA reversed its week-old decision to deny an additional Senate Liaison seat to the Community, Equity and Diversity Initiative (CEDI).

  • Professor Arjendu Pattanayak named next Associate Dean

    Physics Professor Arjendu PattanayakArjendu K. Pattanayak, Associate Professor of Physics, has been named Carleton College’s next Associate Dean.  Serving a three-year term to take effect July 1 of this year, he will fill the position vacated by Associate Dean Elizabeth Ciner as she becomes Carleton’s Director of Student Fellowships. As Associate Dean, Professor Pattanayak will oversee matters of educational policy, curriculum, graduation requirements, and campus diversity.  Among his duties will be guidance as Dean of the Academic Standing Committee, service as primary liaison to the Dean of Students Office, and supervision over the Registrar’s Office. 

  • International Festival

    International Festival takes on a new face

    Traditionally held in Sayles Great Space, International Fest is moving outdoors in 2010 and will take place on the Bald Spot. The Bald Spot will also provide space for a new addition, international games and sports.

  • Dept. at Tiny's

    ­Cows and Contentment: Farewell to local institution Tiny’s

    Tiny’s Hot Dogs, a Northfield staple, will likely close this summer after 63 years due to declining business. For years, bumper sticks could be seen all across Northfield saying, “Save America – Eat at Tiny’s.” America might just go on, but a tiny, essential piece will be lost.

  • Chloe Coenen

    Changes to SWA program

    “Most Carls are familiar with their Student Wellness Adviser, or SWA, through posters in bathroom stalls (SWA stalls), weekly articles in this paper (SWArticles), office hours (SWAffice hours) and programs. But next year, the program will undergo major reforms to better suit Carls’ needs.

  • Eight Carleton seniors have been awarded Fulbright fellowships.

    Profile on three more Fulbright winners

    A look at three more Carleton Fulbright winners: Ari Keiner, Kelsey Ihinger, Dan Matthews

  • Literary Trivia Party - Fall 2009

    New name, new face: Changes to the Campus Activities Office

    Beginning Fall Term of 2010, the Campus Activities Office (CAO) will cease to exist.  In its place in Sayles 160 will be the new Student Activities Office (SAO), headed by a group of students known as the Student Activities Programming Board (SAPB).

  • Cuts for Cancer sets fundraising record

    Cuts for Cancer 2010

    Monday, April 26, the ACT center held the fifth annual Cuts for Cancer fundraiser. Made possible by ACT volunteers, thirteen local stylists and two massage therapists this years fundraiser was the most successful to date, bringing in over twenty five hundred dollars in proceeds.

    “We have been incredibly pleased by the growth of the event each year and the ongoing support of the Carleton community,” Olivia Killeen ’10, one of the lead organizers of the event, said.

  • Eight Carleton seniors have been awarded Fulbright fellowships.

    Fulbright winners poised to travel around the world

    Eight Carleton seniors have been awarded Fulbright fellowships.  The prestigious program, funded by the U.S. State Department, awards grants to students, teachers and scholars to teach, study, conduct research and lecture in over 155 countries.

  • T.J. Stiles, ‘86­ won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

    Biography of Vanderbilt earns Carleton alum Pulitzer Prize

    In high school, apparently ­channeling the Gilded Age, T.J. Stiles named himself a city boss. Later on, he impeached the Speaker of the House. In fact, this early interest in historical drama has translated to a successful career for the Carleton alumnus as a biographer of such historical giants as Jesse James and Cornelius Vanderbilt.

  • Downtown Northfield

    ­Cows and Contentment: News in Northfield

    - New Mayo Clinic cancer treatment center likely to be built on St. Olaf land

    - Rice County’s innovative drug removal program

    - President Anderson talks to new President Poskanzer

  • Harry Potter

    Carleton Grad and Potterologist talks about her path to Harry

    “The wand chooses the wizard,” Mr. Ollivander tells Harry in the first installment of the popular Harry Potter series. And so it went in the publishing world for Cheryl Klein ’00, a Carleton graduate who helped edit American editions of three Harry Potter books.