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  • CEO of On Time Systems Matt Ginsberg spoke about technology in the future.

    Leader in Computational Intelligence Field Matt Ginsberg Addresses Crowd

    “Just because you can build a better ship doesn’t mean the people will do it.”

  • Carleton’s total fee, adjusted for inflation, is more than two and a half times what it was in 1973.

    Carleton Tuition Rises by 3.7%, More Than National Average

    At Carleton, this year’s comprehensive fee, which includes tuition, room, board, and other mandatory fees, is a 3.7 percent or $2,151 increase from last year. Nationwide, the tuition increase for the same time period is approximately 2.9 percent.

  • "We're doing about 50% at Carleton," says heavy duty janitor Randy Peck.

    Campus Not as Environmentally Friendly as We Think

    Carleton’s self-proclaimed ‘greenness’ is visible everywhere on campus, from recycling and compost bins in nearly every corner, to the windmills that lie on the peripheral of campus. Lights switch off automatically. Toilets give the option of flushing with less water.

  • Carleton Ponders Online Classes

    With the popularity of Internet classes swiftly growing, a group of administrators is considering whether or not to shift some Carleton courses online. 

  • History professor Amna Khalid in her office.

    History Department Update

    The history department began a new theme this term on medicine and the environment. One major focus of the field examines the dynamic relationship between physical environments, human bodies, cultural, political, and social trends.

  • At least eight cars and two professors' offices were robbed within the past 10 days.

    12 Thefts in 10 Days

    Last weekend, eight vehicles parked in the Recreation Center parking lot were broken into and robbed. On Tuesday, two offices in the Weitz Center for Creativity were entered and had items stolen.

  • Carleton's endowment has reached an all-time high at $700 million, an 8.5% increase since last year.

    Carleton's Endowment Tops $700 Million

    Carleton is $55 million richer.  The school’s endowment increased by 8.5%, from $645.7 million to $700.5 million from June of 2012 through June of 2013.

  • For First Time in a Decade, No Halloween Orchestra Concert

    For the first time in over a decade, no Halloween Orchestra Concert took place this past weekend. Instead, the Student Activities Office hosted a  “Spooktacular.”

  • Bay Buchanan addresses the controversial issue of immigration from a conservative standpoint.

    Prominent Republican Political Commentator Bay Buchanan Talks Immigration

    “There are millions of Americans working with their hands trying to make a living out there. They’re very vulnerable and we are bringing people into this country to compete with them.”

  • The Bald Spot.

    CSA, ITS Contemplate $15k for Outdoor WiFi

    Students with laptops and tablets may soon join the slackliners and Frisbee players that occupy the Bald Spot if a Carleton Student Association proposal for outdoor WiFi moves forward.

  • Rick Esse, Scott Oney, and Jessica Peterson-White are running for Northfield City Council this year.

    Students Able to Participate in City Council Election

    Because this is an odd numbered year, most Northfield residents will not be voting, but there is one election for the Northfield City Council Ward 4 seat that has turned contentious in recent days. About 150 Carleton students live in Ward 4, and therefore are eligible to vote in the Ward 4 special election.

  • Carleton has revised its financial aid regulations, getting rid of its “need-blind” policy.

    New Metrics Abolish Cap on Need-Sensitive Admissions

    Carleton has revised its financial aid policy, a change that will affect future classes of students from ‘18 onwards.