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  • Senators Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren in the Weitz Center.

    At Weitz Rally, Warren Strikes Populist Tone

    On Saturday morning, more than 400 people gathered in the Weitz Center of Creativity to hear Senators Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren speak.

  • CANOE trip to the St. Croix River.

    C.A.N.O.E. Will Renovate, Relocate to Hill

    Five years ago, an avalanche in western China’s Sichuan Province killed Wade Johnson ’07 and two other climbers. To honor his memory, Johnson’s parents recently donated money to renovate CANOE house, a place Johnson contributed to deeply while at Carleton.

  • Librarian Edits Top Ammo Encyclopedia

    Charlie Priore, reference and instruction librarian for the sciences and ammunition expert, edited the recently published The Ammo Encyclopedia 5th edition, which is the most comprehensive reference book available on current and obsolete ammunition.

  • The proposed routes of the intercity passenger rail line, connecting Northfield to the twin cities.

    Nakasian Leads Push for Nofo-Cities Rail Line

    Carleton students and faculty are collaborating with local representative Suzie Nakasian and state representative David Bly to create a passenger rail service to the Twin Cities area, through the Grass Roots Transit Initiative.

  • Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis at the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

    Carls Rally for Justice in Ferguson

    Nine Carleton students participated in the national march and rally in Missouri against police brutality and racial profiling for the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance.

  • Sarah Tan '16 enjoyed the day at Fireside Orchard.

    Not an Angry Orchard: Fireside Charms Carls

    Along with the changing of the leaves and the selling of hot cider comes another classic fall tradition: apple picking.

  • Mellon Grant Helps St. Olaf, Carleton

    St. Olaf College, though just across the Cannon and up the Hill, will soon seem much closer, thanks to an expanding academic partnership with Carleton.

  • Barry Lopez came to Carleton to talk about his career, the craft of writing and the environment.

    Lopez and “The Darkness of Contemporary Life”

    Barry Lopez, prominent author and essayist of the environmental movement, gave a public presentation, “The Writer and Social Responsibility” on Thursday, October 2.

  • Poster for the new American Music concentration

    From Bluegrass to Beyonce, American Music Concentration Aims for a Wide Audience

    For those with an interest in music and the communities and society that give it context, there is a new interdisciplinary concentration available this year in American Music.

  • Maher’s Act Wins Laughs But Few Converts

    Comedian Bill Maher came to the Grand Theater last Tuesday to rally support for Democrat Mike Obermueller, who is challenging Republican incument John Kline in the race for the second district state representative.

  • Emily Buckner ’15 examines Ben Doherty’s display at LDC.

    Local Farm Wins Bon Appetit Funding

    Farmer Ben Doherty greeted students as they passed through the LDC lunch line Sept. 23, offering them bowls of something dark green and leafy.

  • Laundry Change Eliminates Change (Login Required)

    As a result of a new contract, Carleton changed its laundry service this year, with campus houses switching from coin-operated units to flat rate of $25 per term.