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  • Eat The Lawn

    “Eat the Lawn” Uproots, Headed for New Location (Login Required)

    Located outside Laird Hall, Eat the Lawn, Carleton’s edible garden landscape, is relocating. Why is it being moved, and what effect will the change have on the garden?

  • Poll of Ninety Seniors Reveals Some Have Jobs (Login Required)

    The school year is coming to a rapid close and with that the 2014 seniors are being forced out of the comfort of the Carleton bubble and into the real world. This week, I randomly polled 90 of those graduating seniors to see what their plans were for next year.

  • Rotblatt 147.

    Leading Rotblatt Historian Talks with ‘tonian (Login Required)

    “It is certainly fair to say the Rotblatt means something special to many of the guys who play it, more than just a chance to hit a softball,” wrote Senior Commissioner and League History Don Rawitsch ’72 in his A Definitive History of the Marvin J. Rotblatt Memorial Softball League.

  • The World of Brecht in Little Nourse (Login Required)

    We all know Nourse Little Theater as the janky student-run theater where ETB shows and the comedy groups perform. In outward appearance and functionality it can’t hold a candle to the three-year-old Weitz Theater – with its seats that sometimes fall apart when sat in and the mysterious holes in the stage. But what Lil’Nourse does have is history.

  • Theater Tidbits (Login Required)

    Another solid week of performance on campus. Hannah Neville ’14 led a poised quartet of actors in a production in the Weitz rehearsal room of David Auburn’s drama Proof, which told the story of a father-daughter mathematical duo with mental health problems that struggle to balance work and sanity.

  • Illustration by Kera Ling

    Concert Planners Hope Diverse Acts Will Please the Crowd (Login Required)

    Everyone knows about Spring Concert, but few of us actually know the process behind picking the bands. Somehow a few bands are mysteriously picked, and although everyone on campus is talking about and has an opinion on the selection, we rarely get to hear the reasons behind the selection.

  • Arb Staff Struggles with Stray Cat Population (Login Required)

    “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” is a commonly asked question when discussing pet preferences. Far less frequently asked, however, is the question, “what do we do with feral or stray cats?”

  • Eclipse

    Four Frisbee Teams Head to Nationals (Login Required)

    This past weekend, Carleton’s competitive D-III Ultimate teams played at the USA Ultimate D-III Nationals in Ohio. Eclipse, the women’s team, won 2nd place and GOP, the men’s team, tied for 3rd place.

  • Despite Last-minute Glitch, Room Draw App Tops 6,000 Views (Login Required)

    Look out, Mark Zuckerberg. The computer whizzes who brought you the CarlDraw website are looking for more opportunities to improve their web design skills and engage students. 

  • Feminism and Sexuality Q&A with Jordan Stevens

    Feminism and Sexuality Q&A with Jordan Stevens (Login Required)

    The following is an interview with Jordan Stevens ’14, who facilitates FemSex this term and who facilitated FemSex last year.

  • Hill House.

    Hill’s Last Hurrah - or Not (Login Required)

    Less than two weeks after partiers left Hill House with a damaged window and toilet seat, the house had no problem attracting future residents at this week’s room draw. And, big surprise: Hill House won’t be hosting any Saturday night meditation groups next year.

  • Protests from the 1970s.

    Mass Student Protesting on the Decline (Login Required)

    There once was a time when the college quad was the place to change national political matters. Carleton was no exception in the “go-go years” of the late 60’s and 70’s, a period when University students in the grips of the Vietnam War filled quads in hordes to express their discontent.