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  • Rob Oden

    Trustees approve college’s budget for next year

    Carleton’s Board of Trustees recently finalized the budget for the fiscal year of 2010 at their annual winter meeting. About 28% of Carleton’s operating budget comes from the College’s endowment, which has been affected by the recent financial downturn. The endowment declined 17.6% since June of last year to a reduced value of $524 million as of December 31, 2008.

  • T. Todd Masman

    First of four candidates for Director of Campus Activities visits campus

    Carleton’s search for a Director of Campus Activities is nearing its final stretch. Candidates for the position, which opened after the departure of T. Todd Masman in December, will be visiting campus through next week.

  • Bruce Anderson

    Social Movements class brings speakers for social movements

    Professor Dev Gupta’s Social Movements class, covered in last week’s issue of The Carletonian (“New seminar offers students activism experience”), has begun to culminate this week with different groups bringing speakers from various movements to campus.

  • Kevin Dahle

    Kevin Dahle sponsors legislation to curb payday lending abuse

    Senator Kevin Dahle, DFL Northfield, is sponsoring legislation to discourage “payday lending,” a type of lending practiced by lenders who charge high fees for cash advances that must be repaid in full by the borrower’s next payday.

  • Carleton Wind Turbine

    Students submit proposals for Sustainability Revolving Fund

    Have you ever wanted to install motion sensors in dorm hallways? Well, Alex Walker ‘12 and David Kornfeld’s ‘11 Sustainability Revolving Fund (SRF) proposal may make your dreams come true. These motion sensors, however, are not to detect when that girl you dislike is on your floor, but to reduce Carleton’s consumption of electricity.

  • Devashree Gupta

    New seminar offers students activism experience

    Professor Devashree Gupta described her Comparative Social Movements class as a bridge between theory and real-world practice. Aside from the readings and papers that come with any class, students of this 300-level political science seminar have also been assigned the unusual task of instigating their own social movement.

  • Vagina Monologues 2009

    Vagina Monologues raise awareness of violence against women

    Originally launched in 1994 by Eve Ensler, playwright of The Vagina Monologues, V-Day has since become a movement celebrated worldwide, with the goal of spreading awareness about violence towards women “until the violence stops,” as its slogan states.

  • CSA Senate Debate 02/12/09

    Uncontested race for CSA President points to apathy in students

    Shortly after the polls closed at midnight on Monday morning, the results of the CSA elections were posted online. It might have been a dramatic moment, but for the fact that the identity of the next CSA president was never really in doubt: Duer was running unopposed.

  • Carleton Student Association Senate

    A look at the eight winners of last weekend’s CSA elections

    PRESIDENT: McKay Duer, VICE-PRESIDENT: Jinai Bharucha

    TREASURER: Sarah Duane

    SENATORS: Eric Hitimana, Moshe Lavi, Isaac Hodes, Heather Yang, Khant Khant Kyaw

  • Campers frolic

    Carleton announces partnership with Northfield YMCA regarding Prairie and Wood program

    The program, which will now be managed by the YMCA, remains relatively unchanged, with its focus on creating a fun, cooperative learning environment that fosters an appreciation of nature. The Northfield YMCA will add its resources and programming expertise to make the Prairie and Wood experience even better.

  • Photo Contest

    Kevin Close ‘09 wins first place in ACM photo contest

    Kevin Close, a Carleton College senior from Salt Lake City, won the grand prize in the Associated Colleges of the Midwest’s off-campus studies photo contest. Close, a religion major, won for his image “A Long Car Ride,” a photo taken during his studies in Mongolia in the fall of 2007. He simply describes the photo as “One student, one translator, and ten goats.”

  • Dean Scott Bierman named President of Beloit College

    Scott Bierman

    Bierman will leave Carleton at the end of the school year after spending 27 years as a professor and a dean at the college. He has served as the Dean of the College since 2005. In an interview yesterday, Bierman said that he accepted the position because of the chance to be president at a school similar to Carleton that keeps its focus on the liberal arts in a time when many colleges have de-emphasized the importance of such an education.