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  • Independent People

    Carleton Players challenge audience in Independent People

    Though Iceland has been in the news recently due to its economic crisis and the volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull, this North Atlantic European island generally does not receive much attention in the States. However, this changed last weekend for Carleton students with the performance of Eva Barr and John Musial’s adaptation of Halldór Laxness’s epic novel, Independent People.

  • Carleton buildings

    Board meets Weitz family challenge

    The Weitz Family Foundation promised $15 million to the new arts facility, on the condition that the members of the Board contribute $85 million collectively, including the family’s initial $10 million gift that launched the Breaking Barriers, Creating Connections campaign.

  • Rotblatt tradition alive and well for 144th birthday

    Rotblatt 3With the swing of a bat and a swig of a beer, last week Carleton celebrated its 144th birthday with the annual Rotblatt softball game. But despite all of Rotblatt’s longevity, students often overlook the logistical challenges of continuing the country’s longest running softball tradition. Juniors Ted Longabaugh, Ali Melton, and seniors Colin Jenks, Jake Kring, and Kate McDonald organized this year’s festivities.

  • Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson ‘10 wins Fulbright to Argentina

    Alex compares being accepted into the program to getting a date-“sort of like when you ask the attractive girl to prom and she says ‘if no-one else asks’, that’s what happened to me”. Alex’s internship doesn’t begin until March. In the meantime, he hopes to find an internship at Minnesota Public Radio and develop contacts so he can pitch stories from Argentina.

  • Students serve themselves soup at Empty Bowls.

    Carleton hosts Empty Bowls, raises money for Northfield Food Shelf

    Last Friday, the Empty Bowls fundraiser sold soup and ceramics to the Carleton community on the Bald Spot. Empty Bowls is an international nonprofit project that hosts events at which bowls donated by local artists or students are filled with food and sold to benefit the hungry.

  • Downtown Northfield

    C&C: New Construction in Northfield

    Now that March has finally left May in Minnesota, construction season has gotten off to a fast start here in Northfield. Over the past week, new projects have begun that will keep the summer busy and most of all, noisy.

  • Fred Rogers

    Carleton projects budget deficits in future

    With Carleton’s expenses projected to quickly outpace its revenues during the first half of this decade, college administrators are beginning to propose possible means of saving money and lessening the budget deficit. Carleton projected a deficit of over a million dollars in the fiscal year 2012 and increasing deficits thereafter.

  • Oliver Wang

    Oliver Wang shares thoughts on Asian American pop culture

    Dr. Oliver Wang May 7 convocation talk, “Something Borrowed, Something New,” focused on the young and evolving nature of Asian American popular culture.

  • Host John Forde

    "Mental Engineer" visits, discusses popular TV ads with students

    On May 7th, Carleton Psychology majors joined John Forde of PBS’ “Mental Engineering” to analyze commercials by employing skills acquired in Professor Mija Van Der Wege’s Language & Deception class. They scrutinized the commercials’ music, imagery and text in order to expose the appeal behind so many of these advertisements.

  • Roy Grow

    Lack of faculty disclosure guidelines leaves students vulnerable

    Professor Roy Grow said that many faculty and students do not have a clear understanding of what must be divulged to security clearance investigators and what might be kept confidential. The policy, Grow said, is disingenuous at best, dishonest at worst, and has caused serious personal and professional peril for former students.

  • Speak Up

    Changes to sexual misconduct policy

    In response to concerns regarding sexual misconduct policy a committee was formed in September 2009 to review the current policy and draft potential strategies.

  • bookstack

    Carleton hosts Edible Book Contest

    On May 9, Carleton held its first Edible Book Contest in the Concert Hall where a dozen entries were viewed, sampled and judged.