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  • Cows, Colleges and Contentment

    C&C: Community Resource Bank works with Fed to stop losing money

    -Community Resource Bank works with Fed to stop losing money

    -Northfield Teen starts program to help families in Afghanistan

  • Stephanie Kinnunen, co-found of NEED magazine

    NEED Magazine Co-Founder shares stories of hope amidst poverty

    Stephanie Kinnunen, CEO and Co-Founder of NEED Magazine, articulated her desires to spread people's stories of hardship and everyday miracles on Friday Jan. 21. Kinnunen and her husband started NEED, the first independent, non-profit, global magazine dedicated to humanitarian issues. Their next project focuses on raising awareness of the philanthropic efforts of corporate institutions.

  • Eat Up

    Test your taste buds at Culinary House

    To involve the larger Carleton community in Culinary House, three events are scheduled each term. All Carls are welcome to come watch and learn during dinner food preparation in the evenings. To share in the meal, students can partner with a resident as a guest chef.

  • Carleton’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders visits Peru

    Member of Carleton's chapter of Engineers Without Borders renovated a greenhouse in a rural village in Peru.On Tuesday evening, the Carleton branch of Engineers Without Borders gave a presentation titled “Approaches to Sustainable Infrastructure,” explaining their progress since juniors Matthew Strongin ’11 and Galen Kast ’11 founded the group in the spring of 2007. Engineers Without Borders is a national organization that contains both student and professional chapters. Carleton’s student-run chapter is the first at a school without an engineering program.

  • Contra Dancing

    A look at the new Sayles Dance system

    Few events seem to be able to captivate and engage the Carleton community as well as Saturday night Sayles Dances. That’s why Campus Activities has taken steps to ensure that the events remain a highlight of Carleton’s social scene by reworking the requirements to host a Sayles Dance.

  • Evans dorm renovation closer to reality: Plan focuses on floor life, safety

    Evans RenovationIn an effort to bring Carleton’s residential living up to par, the dark hallways and confusing columns of Evans Hall may soon get a facelift. The Evans Renovation Committee is working to secure $5.2 million for a project that would include changing the building’s column-grouped room structure, adding lounges and an open gathering space, and creating a “Front Door.” The committee hopes the changes will bring more “floor life” to the hall, which some students cited as lacking in a survey last fall.

  • 2009 Film Festival

    What's in a name? DVDfest vs. The Golden Schillers

    This year, Carleton's own DVDfest sports a new title: The Golden Schillers. The name change left many returning students pondering what it will mean for this year's festival.

  • Cows, Colleges and Contentment

    C&C: Bomb found on Middle School property

    -Bomb found on Middle School property

    -Enrollment to remain steady

    -The Trail of Two Cities

  • Carleton Student Association Senate

    Big change in bylaws: CSA Senators to be elected by grade

    A recent change to the bylaws of the Carleton Student Association (CSA) Senate means the organization’s eight Senators At-Large will now be elected by grade.

  • Christa Owens ‘12 and S.S. Rishad ‘12

    Two Carls attend UN Climate Change Conference

    In December, Christa Owens ‘12 and S.S. Rishad ’12 witnessed the action at the United Nations Climate Change Conference which aimed to find possible solutions for combating the effects of climate change across the world.

  • Reynolds House out of commission after mysterious freeze-up

    Reynolds House ClosedReynolds House, Carleton College’s Jewish Interest House, was shut down this term after its interior was discovered thoroughly frozen at the end of winter break. Three students have been displaced until the house thaws out. Security officials found frozen pipes, split radiators and a broken boiler. Ice puddles had formed on the floor; water in the toilets and sinks had frozen; the temperature inside the house at the time of inspection was -20 degrees. The source of damage: two windows found open in the basement.

  • Cows, Colleges and Contentment

    C&C: Northfield man leads fight for fair DWI arrests

    A Northfield man is at the center of a court battle fighting hundreds of possibly unwarranted DWI arrests that were caused by a form of breathalyzer that is allegedly inaccurate.