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  • T. Todd Masman.

    T. Todd Masman, Director of Campus Activities, to resign later this week

    T. Todd Masman, Director of Campus Activities, has resigned, just four months after coming to Carleton. He is leaving “to pursue other professional opportunities.” Hudlin Wagner, Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students said of Masman, “I have strong support for his skills and he will be an asset as he moves into his next opportunity.”

  • Carleton’s accreditation process nearly completed

    January of this year Carleton will complete the accreditation process it began in the summer of 2006.

  • Barack Obama visited Carleton in 1999 as a convocation speaker

    Barack Obama was a convocation speaker in Feburary 1999. This was the article that ran following his visit.

  • Not done yet; Franken, Coleman rivalry to drag on into December

    Just when Minnesotans were looking forward to being done with the bitterness of the Al Franken-Norm Coleman battle for the United States Senate seat, it looks like they will have to endure several more weeks of it.

  • Carleton staff gathered on Monday afternoon to honor their colleagues who have been published in the past year.

    Faculty Scholarship Celebration honors published Carleton faculty

    The Faculty Scholarship Celebration, held on November 3 in the Gould Library Athenaeum, is a gathering of peers honoring the years of effort their fellow faculty members have endured to become part of the world of published authors.

  • Celebration of Armistice in 1918 tempered by influenza quarantine

    At around 3 a.m. on November 11, 1918 – a world historic day whose ninetieth anniversary will be marked at Carleton and nationally next Tuesday - the fire-bells of Northfield began to peal. The bells announced the end of World War I – the Great War - the conflagration that heralded a century of bloody global conflict that took 20 million lives in all.

  • Exhibition in Gould Library celebrates music during World War I

    Exhibition in Gould Library celebrates music during World War I

    This year marks the 90th anniversary of the armistice that, in effect, ended World War I. According to Roger Paas, the coordinator of an exhibit in the McKinley-Gould Library about World War I, this is “one of the most important events in the 20th century.”

  • Carleton’s London Study Abroad program, pictured here in a photo by Maureen Burns, is just one of many such programs that could be affected by the financial crisis.

    Fewer students going abroad leads to housing crunch for Winter Term

    This winter there is a potential housing shortage at Carleton due to lower than expected Off-Campus Study (OCS) participation. In January, 200 students will return to campus that were not here during the fall while around 70 students will leave. The situation is exacerbated because Carleton is already in “expanded housing” said Steve Wisener, director of Residential Life. That means, for example, that rooms that are built on the verge of being doubles or triples are being used as triples right now.

  • Arianna Huffington, creator of the Huffington Post as well as past candidate for governor of California, discussed the election during a visit to St. Olaf on Monday night.

    Eight days before election, Ariana Huffington visits St. Olaf

    Oles, Carls, and Northfield residents alike packed St. Olaf’s Boe Memorial Chapel Monday night for a talk by Arianna Huffington, founder of left-wing online news source The Huffington Post.

  • CSA discusses making activity fund need-sensitive

    Setting the student activity fee is one of the Carleton Student Association’s (CSA) many responsibilities, and during this Monday’s senate meeting, this issue was brought forth for discussion. Evan Rowe, a senator and leader on this issue, began the discussion by introducing the idea of switching to a sliding-scale fee which would set the student activity fee to an amount sensitive to each student’s financial need. Up til now, all Carleton students have been charged the same amount across the board and the implications of implementing such a change were raised throughout the course of the discussion.

  • Political groups around campus prepare for Tuesday’s election

    With the U.S. Presidential election just four days away, politically minded student groups are visible on campus and across the community. If the number of activities sponsored by the Carleton Democrats—including debate parties in Boliou, door knocking around Northfield, and Saturday’s rally featuring U.S. Senatorial candidate Al Franken—are accurate indicators, student involvement has not been a problem for campus Democrats.

  • With the Arts Union already delayed, the economic crisis has also affected Carleton’s Johnson House. The STARR foundation, which has given funds for 85 scholarships for international students, lost nearly $1 billion of assetts that were invested in AIG this past month.

    Economic uncertainty puts Carleton’s financial aid at risk

    Carleton’s pool of financial aid may have sprung a leak. One of its largest funders is the Starr Foundation, and their ability to fund is suddenly rather uncertain.