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  • The CMC

    Math Department offers new statistics track

    “I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” Google’s chief economist Hal Varian once told The New York Times. And now, with a new statistics track available to mathematics majors, Carleton students can prepare for one of the most sought after positions in the job market.

  • Benton House

    Get Interested: Sci-fi House Bent-on fun

    The posters covering the walls of the Benton House lounge say it best. From Harry Potter to X-Files and Star Wars to 300, the interests at Science Fiction (Sci-fi) House are broad to say the least. “Sci-fi as a genre is much bigger and much cooler than people think it is,” house manager Jeff Rzeszotarski ’10 said.

  • War Works

    The War Works Exhibit: A bold look at a misrepresented war

    The War Works exhibit, the primary feature at the Carleton Art gallery until Nov. 18, invites the community to reflect and analyze the horrors of war through provocative art created by six artists.

  • Rebekah Frumkin '12

    Rebekah Frumkin ‘12 published in 2009 edition of “The Best American Nonrequired Reading”

    Rebekah Frumkin ’12 recently had her short story published as part of “The Best American” series. Frumkin’s short story, “Monster,” was selected for the 2009 edition of “The Best American Nonrequired Reading,” an annual anthology compiled by writer and McSweeney’s editor Dave Eggers and a committee of high school students.

  • Entrance to the Athenaeum

    Symposium showcases experiences abroad

    The symposium, occurring nine months after the first one held during winter term last year, gave students the opportunity to present their research, interests or reflections on a term abroad. Students, professors and members of the Off-Campus Studies Office were in attendance for one or several of the thirty-minute presentations given over the weekend.

  • Najat El Hachmi

    El Hachmi discusses multiculturalism in literature

    Najat El Hachmi, acclaimed Catalan writer, is currently on Carleton’s campus. Winner of the most prestigious award in Catalan letters, the Ramon Llull prize, El Hachmi explores issues of cultural identity and immigration in her two novels, “I, Too, Am Catalan” (2004) and “The Last Patriarch” (2008).

  • 350 Carls participate in global fight against climate change

    Climate Change BaldspotOn Saturday, Oct. 24, the north side of the Bald Spot was lined with 350 photographs of Carleton individuals and their personal answers to this question: “Why do you care about climate change?” Sustainability assistant Arpita Bhattacharyya, one of the six students who spearheaded the project, said that the event was an effort to join the international movement, but also a chance to raise awareness on campus that there needs to be more than just green dorms and wind turbines.

  • Wellstone House of Organization and Activism

    Get interested: Wellstone House

    In the Carleton community, activism is a way of life. From po­­­litical campaigning to social activism, Carls use numerous student organizations to get involved at both the local and international level. One resource for students seeking to improve their community is WHOA, the Wellstone House of Organization and Activism.

  • Downtown Northfield

    Cows and Contentment: News in Northfield

    - H1N1 changes hospital visitor policy

    - Northfield Police get bus

    - Swanson wants to stay as city attorney

  • Globe

    Carleton Students Go Global

    On Thursday, Oct. 22, student recipients of one of two scholarships related to activities abroad displayed their work at the Going Global Poster Session in the Great Hall. The various projects carried out by the group of current juniors and seniors demonstrated a wide range of international locations and interests.

  • Liz Coville

    Coville explores changing communication in Indonesia

    On Oct. 23, as part of the Anthropologists on Globalization lecture series, Liz Coville, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology, delivered a talk entitled “Apakabar on the Internet: Transnational Communication in Late New Order Indonesia.”

  • Office of Intercultural Life Staff

    Joint office now Office of Intercultural and International Life

    This summer, the International Student Programs (ISP) office integrated into the Office of Intercultural Life (OIL), leading to massive changes in personnel and staff responsibilities. The official and physical turnover occurred on Aug. 28th.