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2014 Fall Issue 1 (September 26, 2014)

    • Externship Offerings Expanded as Part of Careers Push

      Teaching preschool at Bright Horizons Family Solutions in Minneapolis, reading manuscripts at Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents in New York City, or working at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Silver Spring, Maryland will be a part of some students’ winter breaks as a result of the Career Center’s expanded externship offerings.

    • Pluto, a 3-year-old cat, reaches for a furry high five.

      Carls Care - About Cats

      While first-year Carls are finding a new home in Northfield, so are the animals at Prairie’s Edge Humane Society.

    • After Survey, ITS Wrangles with Spotty WiFi (Login Required)

      ITS plans to improve wifi accessibility and to make the Hub and Moodle more user friendly in response to the results of a Measuring Information Systems Outcomes (MISO) survey.

    • Jackson Van Fleet's Waste Guide

      Green Groups Hope New Initiative Will Cut Waste

      Among the groups on campus working to reduce waste and create a culture of sustainability are: the Waste Monitors, student custodians who monitor the degree of contamination in the waste bins, and the Food Recovery Network, students who transport uneaten dining hall food (which would otherwise go to the garbage) to people in need. This year, both groups are expanding their operations.

    • Professor Tape poses outside the Weitz Center

      Perlman Museum Takes the Plunge with New Arctic Exhibit

      There have been heated debates on whether global warming is hap- pening or not for the past few decades. Ken Tape’s “Then and Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape,” an exhibition displayed at the Kaemmer Family Gallery of the Perlman Teaching Museum at the Weitz Center from September 19th to November 19th, has an concre- teanswer.

    • Reusable Cups

      Missing Wares Plague Cups Initiative

      As a result of last spring’s CSA elections, Carls voted to replace the compostable take-out cups in the dining hall with reusable cups. But students have not been returning the cups, cast- ing doubt upon the new system.

    • Hudlin Wagner announces retirement

      A longtime advocate for minority students, Hudlin Wagner has announced she will retire at the end of this school year, after 25 years as a Carleton administrator.

    • Sandell's Expulsion Prompts Amnesty Debate

      The evening of Sunday, September 15th, sophomore Zosie Sandell and five other Carleton students—including her roommate, fellow sophomore Zach Leonard—entered the Arb to take LSD.

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    • Streaking and Other Surprises

      “I’ve seen strange things here,” said Ammar Babar from Lahore in Pakistan.

    • Freshmen Seeking Fresh Experiences (Login Required)

      The transition from home to college is coupled with numerous changes, adjustments, and even culture shocks for nearly every first-year student on campus.

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    • The Karate Squids play outside Page East.

      Karate Squids Plug in at “Page Unplugged”

      On Wednesday night, September 17th, Carleton students gathered outside Page House East under the night sky to enjoy the “chill” vibes of Carleton’s popular student band, The Karate Squids.

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    • Your Life is Your Legacy

      Ask a Carl, “What are your traditions?” You will probably hear a detached recounting of what makes Carleton known outside its own community, as if tradition means a trite section of the campus tour script.

    • Whither the Acceptance Pic?

      If you pay close attention, you can definitely tell the signs of changes that go up while the leaves fall today, and like the leaves this year, these signs are showing more conspicuously than before.

    • Silly Days

      I always thought movies like “Animal House” were very amusing, but also completely made up.

    • Tradition of One

      It happens every term. Suddenly, everything is done: all the readings on the syllabi, all the essays, all the violin juries, all the scribbled notes.

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    • Club Profile: Men of Carleton

      Men of Carleton is a club headed by president Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis (‘16) that aims to unite a diverse variety of Carleton guys in a friendly atmosphere to talk about multicultural and gender issues on campus.

    • Carleton in the Fall

      Arb Notes

      Hi everyone and welcome back to Carleton!

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