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    A bruised MPIRG reboots with hope

    Ben Hellerstein acknowledged that the current position of the Carleton MPIRG branch is “not ideal,” and notes that in continuing to receive guidance for new projects and ideas from MPIRG’s statewide staff despite being unfunded, Carleton’s MPIRG is “basically getting something for nothing.” This set-up is working now but is not “sustainable in the long run.”

  • Beth Lo

    Ceramic artist Beth Lo steps into the studio at Carleton

    Beth Lo, a ceramic artist and professor of art, came to Carleton on Monday, Oct 5, to share her work with the Carleton community. In the two and a half hours that Lo spent with the class, she demonstrated throwing porcelain vessels, trimming, carving, and decorating with slip. As she worked, she talked about her experience with clay and her connection with the craft.

  • Carleton buildings

    Slow economy diminishes aid available for music lessons

    Over half of the Carleton student body receives need-based aid, and the College meets 100% of that need. However, Carleton has had to make some changes for this current fiscal year (2009-2010), such as how aid is given to students who take music lessons.

  • Eat the Lawn

    Eat the Lawn: One student’s initiative benefits all

    Eat the Lawn, spearheaded by Katie Blanchard, is the epitome of aesthetics and sustenance in food creation and has been a huge success in the Carleton community. This communal garden located squarely between Boliou and Olin consists of Red Russian Kale, Hubbard Squash, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Jester Mix Marigolds and Minnesota Midget Melons.

  • Willis construction disrupts KRLX broadcasting

    Willis ConstructionWillis Construction

    As the term enters fourth week, KRLX, Carleton’s completely student -run radio station, remains limited to broadcasting on air between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., though it continues to stream shows 24/7 on the station’s website,

    This new inconsistency in the KRLX programming is due to construction on the Willis rooftop, where the station transmitter resides.

  • Lyman Lakes

    Lyman Lakes undergoing shore restoration

    When Carleton decided to restore the shorelines of Lyman Lakes in 2000, the project was supposed to last decades. Now, nine years later, the lower of the two lakes near Goodhue Hall is nearly back to its normal water capacity after a second re-shoring effort that began this summer and should near completion some time next week.

  • Farm House

    Carleton Student Organic Farm plans big changes

    New initiatives include selling produce to Bon Appetit and construction of a hoop house. Farm Club’s new initiatives, Eat the Lawn and changes to the Carleton Student Organic Farm (CSOF), aim to bring gardening to the forefront of the Carleton community.

  • Dr. Julian Bond

    Dr. Julian Bond to visit Carleton for three days

    Dr. Julian Bond, a central figure in America’s Civil Rights Movement, a historically influential student activist, and a pioneer politician, will visit Carleton October 6th through 8th for the first ever biennial Broom Lecture in the American Demographic Experience series.

  • President Oden announces retirement

    President Robert A. Oden Jr.On Friday, September 25, 2009, President Robert A. Oden Jr. announced his retirement effective June 2010.

    “It will have been eight years that I have served as Carleton’s president and 21 years that I have served as someone’s president. It is the best job in the world but it leaves no time for family and friends,” President Oden said.

    Oden cites many factors in his decision to retire. “In the last 12 months, probably because of my age – I am 63 – I’ve received so many reminders that we’re all mortal; life is fragile and we can’t count on time forever.”

    “These years [as an educational leader], and especially the Carleton years, have been filled with the friendships and opportunities and profound satisfactions that few positions can offer to anyone,” Oden said.

    Oden chose this time to announce his retirement in order for the College to have ample time to find his successor.

  • Construction photos

    New dormitories evoke mixed reactions

    The festivities surrounding the inauguration of Carleton’s two new dorms, Memorial and Cassat, culminated on August 26 with an open house and a tour that gave Carleton staff and students the chance to receive a tour and check out the new facilities.

  • Joel Weisberg

    Professor Joel Weisberg appears at court date for RNC protest

    Joel Weisberg, professor of Physics and Astronomy and the Natural Sciences, went to trial along with 7 others last week following an arrest at the 2008 Republican National Convention. The “other RNC 8,” as the group calls itself to distinguish from another set of RNC protesters, were found guilty after 4 days of court proceedings and sentenced to pay a $100 fine or perform 20 days of community service.

  • H1N1

    Preparation for H1N1 underway

    Carleton officials are working on an H1N1 prevention response plan, amid thirteen reported flu cases on campus that were likely caused by the pandemic strain. H1N1 contributed to the death of a Cornell University student last week, but most symptoms remain mild.