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2013 Fall Issue 6 (November 1, 2013)


  • A CUT Amongst Carls (Login Required)

    There is so much wrong with Hanley’s article that it’s hard to find a starting point.  His commentary is so lopsided, so unsubstantiated, so ambiguous, and so factually incorrect that it barely even deserves a response that has any semblance of clear-headedness or articulation.

  • Letter to the Editor (Login Required)

    I was disappointed by your portrayal of the CUT in last week’s issue of the Carletonian. Yes, I happen to live with three members of the CUT senior class, so some may say that I’m a little biased in their favor, but I would like to point out a few specific issues I think any student athlete would have with your article.

  • Shut Up, Dude: Freedom and Censorship at Carleton (Login Required)

    I have become increasingly aware of the fact that the public discourse that happens at Carleton is surprisingly intolerant of opinions that stray outside a cage of generic liberalism that we’ve created. Our intolerance is insidious in that it actually stems from one of Carleton’s best traits, which is our community’s deep desire for tolerance. What forms does this curious intolerant tolerance take?

  • "Cumbercookies": Feminism and Benedict Cumberbatch (Login Required)

    I was reading Time magazine the other day, and I came across an article on actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, this may seem like the silliest way to begin an article on women’s rights, but he brought up a term that has been circulating in the media for some time. “Cumberbitches.”

  • An Immigrant's View on Buchanan (Login Required)

    For several years throughout my secondary school days, I often shared in passing with friends and colleagues that I am a “legal” immigrant. In light of recent discussions and debates on campus, this is a misnomer, as this defines itself as opposed to “illegal.”

  • Talking with Twelfth Night: Q&A with the Cast of This Week's Carleton Players Production (Login Required)

    Warning: there are spoilers, so you’re not allowed to read this if you haven’t watched the show yet, got it?