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2012 Winter Issue 7 (February 24, 2012)

Weekly Updates

  • Officer Holicky and Officer Bushey, Security Services

    Security Blotter

    Security Blotter for Week of Feb. 16 - Feb. 23, 2012
  • energy audit

    Experience and Energy Audit

    Another auditor checked out the furnace and the water heater. She was shocked to find an 80 gal water heater, which is double the size of most water heaters. This would be a major source of energy consumption since 80 gal would have to be continually heated.

  • Arb


    Have you ever stood in the prairie in the Lower Arb and imagined that you were seeing the land before European settlement, that it stretched in all directions, and that if you walked over the next hill, you might see a herd of bison?