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2012 Spring Issue 4 (April 27, 2012)

Weekly Updates

  • muslim women

    News Briefs

    Anthropologist to Speak on Moral Crusades to Save Muslim Women, Carleton’s Ian G. Barbour Lecture Series Continues with a Presentation by Dr. Larry L. Rasmussen, and Carleton Presents Step It Up II: An Evening of Hip-Hop Dance Performance

  • Officer Holicky and Officer Bushey, Security Services

    Security Blotter

    Week of April 19-22, 2012

  • drying racks

    Floor Drying Racks!

    Earlier this year, a SOPE (Students Organized for the Protection of the Environment) proposal to purchase two drying racks for each floor in the dorms. The drying racks have been ordered and half of them should arrive soon and be ready for use in the next week.

  • frogs


    Mreakkk mreakkk. If you wander near Kettle Hole Marsh, it is nearly impossible to avoid the enveloping the racket of the chorus frogs. The western chorus frog is the smallest frog species in Minnesota, but you wouldn’t know that from their boisterous noise-making!