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2009 Winter Issue 4 (February 6, 2009)


  • CSA Senate Weekly Update


    -Where can I discuss the new graduation requirements?

    -What is the Student Leadership Council?

    -Have a referendum question that you wanted added to this term’s ballot?

  • From Outside The Bubble: Politics and the Super Bowl

    President Obama celebrated the Super Bowl with a bi-partisan party at the White House, ironically, during a time of bitter partisan disagreement.

  • Editorial: Will Minnesota ever have a senator again?

    This has been a long and tiring process for Minnesotans, especially because it has put them in the national spotlight - in a less than positive outlook at times - for so long. The process has also been less than flawless - errors of election judges have been highlighted, and the debates between Coleman and Franken have been bitter. All Minnesota wants is for the process to finally be over, because regardless who wins, the state will have a senator in Washington D.C. At this point, given the state of the economy, and after four months of debate, that is all that matters.

  • Explosion When My Pen Hits, Tremendous: A need for the arts in liberal arts

    Carleton has such a boring cultural scene. It’s not that we don’t have culture. We’ve got all kinds of plays, and the Concert Hall is always booked. The Cave is the oldest college pub in the country. We have an institutionalized break in classes to bring in guest speakers. Yet rarely is there an event at Carleton that truly excites students or offers something new. We can have all the a cappella shows we want, but it’s not as though we’re innovating much. When the most interesting thing that students have to look forward to on a weekend is a Sayles dance, something is wrong.