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2011 Spring Issue 1 (April 8, 2011)


  • Beth Seraydarian ‘10 and Vivyan Tran ‘10

    Ready or not: is this real life?

    Hey seniors, as graduates of the 2010 class, we remember being in your shoes this time last year. One of us had gotten a job offer and was looking forward to spending her last term surrounded by friends. The other one was applying for any and every position that interested her. However, neither one of us thought about what actually happens once “real life” begins.

  • David Heifetz

    Free market intoxication

    Anthropologists posit that the reason humankind created religion is to gain control over certain aspects of our lives and world over which we do not have agency. This idea refers not just to the organized religions of today, but also to any ritual aimed at affecting an event’s outcome through the help of a supernatural power.

  • Katie Markovich

    Our parents’ lives without Charlie Sheen

    The pundits and critics have had a field day with the recent actions of Charlie Sheen. While I do wish the best for Charlie and his future endeavors, there is a specific demographic to whom I would like to extend my deepest condolences: Parents, you’re going to have to find another television show.

  • Michael Alexander

    Big advice from a little man: The wisdom of Michael Alexander

    Question: I’m thinking about finding a new student job for next fall. What do you recommend?

    Answer: What job you seek depends on your goals. Let’s break it down.