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2011 Spring Issue 4 (April 29, 2011)


  • Katie Markovich

    The joys of spring

    Well, it sure took you long enough. I’ve been sitting around with all these new flip-flops, only to put my poor toes through about a month of cold and rain. It snowed the first weekend of April. It’s rained every day since. I entertained the idea of getting my winter coat out again from its hiding place in my closet, but I realized that my pride is too great and I huddled under sweatshirts and an umbrella instead. But warmth, you have finally made your appearance. Thank you.

  • Beth Seraydarian ‘10 and Vivyan Tran ‘10

    Ready or Not: Time to get tech-savvy

    Anyone under the age of 30 is usually considered to be pretty tech-savvy.  In the world of Twitter, Facebook and Google, it is more important than ever to make sure your tech skills are up to par when entering the workforce.

  • Todd Anderson

    The art of not thinking

    The following is an excerpt from a reflective essay I wrote after staying in a Rinzai Zen monastery for a month in Japan in February of last year. If you have any inclination towards meditation, I hope you will find it useful.

  • David Heifetz

    Birtherism’s real anxiety

    Can we put this issue to rest now? On Wednesday morning, President Obama surprised a lot of people by suddenly releasing his long-form birth certificate, which, of course, showed that he was born in Hawaii. In explaining why he
    had decided to release it now, Obama explained that the issue had simply become too much of a distraction. There are more important things to do, and it is a waste of everyone’s time to be dwelling on this, he said.

  • Viewpoint writer Peter Berg '11

    The importance of asking what it means to lead a good life

    The possession of wealth, power, and status does not equate to the possession of a good life. These things are valuable to the extent that they provide us with the opportunity to lead a good life, and yet continually we see those possessed of all three of these advantages squander this opportunity. This, it would seem to me, poses for us a serious problem.