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2012 Spring Issue 6 (May 11, 2012)


  • Griffin Johnson

    The Limits of Versatility

    When I decided to major in CAMS, a big selling point was that it was “versatile.” To be clear, I love screenwriting, cinematography, directing and film history, but when you get down to zero reality, I’m as worried about employment as anyone on this campus and I wanted a major that would get me up to date in a lot of different areas — computers, cameras, visual communication, and all the other skills that you put on your resumé to let people know that you’re playing ball.

  • Sam Feigenbaum

    Feigenbaum: Policy, a Game of Difficult Tradeoffs

    There’s a lot of us on this DC Seminar that think we have law school somewhere in our future, and as you might expect, we like to debate policy.  In other words, we argue endlessly.  Sometimes we have productive discussions, but all too often we fall back on our tried and true political positions without really considering all the facts.

  • Zoe Suche

    On Being Overly “Healthy”

    The story ends rather anti-climactically. I have an extremely—borderline problematically—low blood pressure, but no heart problems; the primary cause of my blood pressure, dizziness and near-blackouts was a major sodium deficiency. That’s right; not enough salt in my diet. Pretty much everyone in the world has the reverse problem.