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2012 Spring Issue 8 (May 25, 2012)


  • Stuart John Urback

    Urback: On Passion

    On some level, as much as we complain about the endless papers, the all-nighters, the last minute rewrites, the collapse in a heap by the end of 11th week praying to God that we never have to go through that again, we love it. The one thing that Carleton has taught us is that what really matters is the energy, excitement, and exuberance we bring to the tasks we do. 

  • Michael Goodgame

    What Have I Learned Here?

    At the very end of the year – or, for that matter, six months from now – I am most likely not going to remember where deadweight loss can be found on a graph, what exactly is included in the theory of multiple intelligences, or how to calculate a test statistic.  Introductory classes, I am convinced, are not for gleaning information.  They are for learning and evaluating paradigms of thinking.