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2013 Fall Issue 2 (October 4, 2013)

The "F" Word

October 4, 2013
By Anna Schmiel

Fueling my feminist fire. This means many different things to many different women. For me, this means promoting understanding between men and women, in hopes that it will lead to the promotion of equal rights. If this shocks you, let me set a few things strait. I am not a man- hating, bra-burning, porn-abhorring, hairy-legged crazy person who is destined to become a cat lady. I don’t lay awake at night thinking about how I can shock, dismay, and piss people off. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m really not that vindictive.

For me, my fuel is the fight.  I have always been interested in the “f” word, and understand both the fight and fear that it represents. The fact is; feminism makes people uncomfortable. It causes them to question, to ask, “how different are men and women really?” As with any new idea, the need to discuss this movement is paramount. If we are blind to the fight and controlled by the fear of change, how will we understand the reasons, the importance, and the struggles that made the movement a reality?

My fire will be creating a place to discuss some very uncomfortable topics. Throughout this year, I want to discuss the external struggles that woman face in the 21st century, the two boxes that the world has for women; the virgin box and the slut box, and the hate that women put on themselves and on other women. I want this column to be a place where feminism is seen as approachable. Women should not feel silly because they want feminism to be about real women, not just about the glamorized world to radical politics. Women are real, with real issues, insecurities, and ideas of what the perfect women should be. Since women are real, let’s make feminism for real women.

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