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2015 Spring Issue 8 (May 29, 2015)

    • Administration drops add/drop cards (Login Required)

      As of now, students will be able to drop or add open 10-week courses online via the Hub during the first week of next term without a yellow add/drop card or signatures from instructors or advisors.

    • Student DJs at Spring Concert 2015

      Squeezed Allocations due to T-Pain (Login Required)

      Spring concert, in total, cost roughly $90,000, a figure reflecting the cost of set-up and of the bands themselves. This was roughly $30,000 over what the CSA had budgeted.

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    • CAMS prof Cecilia Cornejo

      Feel free to skate, just not here (Login Required)

      CAMS prof documents Northfield youth skateboarding culture

    • ETB Spanish Tragedy a metered mess (Login Required)

      ETB’s production of The Spanish Tragedy explored dark themes such as suicide, incest, murder and incurable revenge.

    • Artscape turned soundscape (Login Required)

      As part of a project for Professor Beck’s sound design class (CAMS 265), Beck selected works from the Carleton permanent collection and had his students create relevant soundscapes.

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