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2013 Winter Issue 2 (January 25, 2013)


  • Griffin Johnson

    Carleton, Consumerism, and Studying Abroad

    Since I got back on campus I’ve been feeling more and more like all I write about is the problem with the European study abroad experience. That’s not really a very deep topic, and it’s a little unhelpful to everybody who’s not studying abroad in Europe, so I’d really like to get down to the core of what bothers me about Americans studying abroad in Europe and put this whole self-image to rest.

  • Maddy Crowell

    False Idealization of Developing World Exoticism

    Recently I clicked on an advertisement that appeared on my computer screen:  “Experience Morocco: The Trip that Travels Within You.”

  • Stuart John Urback

    The Wolves Are Coming...

    A war cry is a rather exciting thing.  I think that as a people, Americans tend to enjoy them.  We love half-time speeches, come-from-behind rallying cries, and pretty much anything that implies that we are about to make a major comeback.