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2013 Winter Issue 3 (February 1, 2013)

Weekly Updates

  • Chili Competition

    The Bald Spot: Cooking Chili: LDC Hosts Competition

    Four groups of two students competed for the best chili on Monday afternoon during LDC’s Chili Cook-Off. Over the course of two and a half hours, students and chefs worked together to produced the best Chili possible. The results varied, from spicy chilis to savory concotions that had student taste-testers and dinner-goers alike asking for more.

  • Bon Appetit

    Food for Thought

    We need a resilient food system that can cope with a changing climate and unpredictable conditions such as this drought. How are we going to get there? Assuming we aren’t holding our breath for federal agricultural policy that will motivate change, then companies of all shapes and sizes need to get creative about what kind of a food system they are supporting.

  • Snowflakes are a bunch of tiny water crystals that form as they descend from the sky.


    The birth of every snowflake starts out with a speck of dust. If the temperature in the cloud is below freezing, water vapor condenses onto the particle, forming an ice crystal. The crystal continues to absorb and freeze more water vapor, growing into a snow crystal.