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2013 Winter Issue 4 (February 8, 2013)


  • Stuart John Urback

    Jony Ive, Richard Feynman, and Michel Foucault Walk Into a Bar

    So why would Ive, Feynman, and Foucault go into a theoretical bar?  Obviously to fulfill my need to explain the differences between methodology, field, and discipline. Ive is the designer, Feynman the Physicist, and Foucault the humanist.

  • Griffin Johnson

    The Overachiever Gradient

    Like most Carleton students—or at least the formidable section of the Carleton population who are both stress-prone and ashamed of every piece of work they miss—I start to come within sight of a crossroads around sixth week.

  • Michael Goodgame

    Science, Religion, and Debating the Undebatable

    What atheists should look to is not the particulars of the argument on God, but rather that they are seeing it as an argument in the first place. What atheists need is not an education in religion and spirituality, but a lesson in how to view religion as a dynamic force of livelihood rather than as an outdated vehicle for violence and coercion as they so often do.