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Humane Society


Program Description:

The Carleton Humane Society's goal is dedicated to improving the lives of domestic animals through education and service. Volunteers visit the Prairie's Edge Humane Society (PEHS) in Faribault and work directly with the animals, as well as performing small tasks for the shelter. Transportation is provided and time commitment is very flexible. For the weekly visit, there’s a sign-up outside the ACT Center. There are also many other events that volunteers can do if they cannot attend the trips like helping with fundraisers which are used to help raise money for the shelter in order to pay for things like food and vaccinations for the animals.

Level of Commitment:

Currently, this is a low commitment and very flexible program. Trips to PEHS meet in front of Sayles at 3:30PM on Fridays and return by 6:30PM. Sign-ups for these trips are found on the ACT door outside Sayles 150. Other opportunities are available such as assisting in bake sales to help fund the shelter and outreach to help find homes for the amazing animals at PEHS! The only requirement to be a volunteer is a high level of enthusiasm and care for helping animals and raising awareness for animal related issues.

It is highly encouraged that volunteers attend a dog walking training session at PEHS so that volunteers are able to walk the dogs on their visits (they need to stretch their legs!) Opportunities to attend these sessions appear periodically. The best way to find out when the nearest session is is to contact PEHS or one of the Program Directors.

Program Directors:

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, contact the following Program Directors. You can also stop by the ACT Center!

Erika Fitzpatrick '16  (fitzpatricke)

Courtney Lunger '16 (lungerc)

Grace Sassana '16 (sassanag)

Learn more and watch the ever so cute Kitty Kam, visit Prairie's Edge Humane Society's website at: