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Farm Mentorship Program

Volunteer at a farm in Northfield
One-time event

Interested in working on a farm? Join crop mob and work day list serv! Subscribers are notified of harvest, planting, and construction volunteer work days on local farms. or contact Tori Ostenso ostensot for more information.

Looking for a more regular commitment? See below.

Become a mentee at a farm in Northfield
Weekly commitment

The Farm Mentorship Program connects Carleton students with local farmers. Mentees perform general farm chores, participate in publicity and business planning, and engage in research. Mentees may also act as liaisons between the farm and Carleton.

The program runs for the course of the entire year, and mentees are expected to visit the farm every week for 3 HOURS. The length of the program gives mentees the opportunity to experience the farm at different stages during the growing season.

20 students have Mentorships at the following farms:

There are no items available.