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Northfield Hospital

Program Directors:

Nayon Park '17 (parkn2)

Laura Somppi '17 (somppil)

Northfield Community
Weekly Commitment

Long Term Care Center
Most Northfield Hospital volunteers work in the Long Term Care Center, a unit that houses 40 residents. Volunteers can provide one-on-one companionship with residents, or lead group activities such as exercising, bingo, or reading.

Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
Students interested in pursuing a career in rehabilitation may volunteer at the hospital’s Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Radiology and Community Education
Other volunteers do clerical assignments for hospital departments such as radiology and community education.


Volunteers should be consistent and commit at least two hours per week. Students need to attend an orientation meeting and have an initial and annual Mantoux (T.B.) test taken before beginning the program. Students are eligible to volunteer after their first term of freshman year at Carleton.

Northfield Hospital:

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