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  • WomenCircleWomenCircle is a support group for middle-school aged girls in Northfield to meet with Carleton women on a regular basis.

  • A student along with a Program Director.

  • Having fun with a group activity.

Program Director:

Alice Welna '17 (welnaa2)

Abby Easton '16 (eastona)

Dawn Thomas '16 (thomasd)

Carleton Campus & Northfield Community
Weekly Commitment

Empowering Girls and Strengthening Women: WomenCircle is a supportive group of college women and middle school girls that is centered on the needs and issues concerning women. Past activities have included creating skits, making journals, baking cookies, watching movies, art exhibits, pottery throwing, and scavenger hunts. Meetings are held one afternoon a week, with a planning meeting for leaders once a week. By application. Please contact one of the program directors for more information.