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For Carleton Students

There are many ways to engage with the Northfield and surrounding communities while a student at Carleton. The Center for Community and Civic Engagement can help you find volunteer programs, one-time volunteer opportunities, academic civic engagement courses, internships, and many other avenues into the world of social justice and change.

CCCE Volunteer Programs

One-Time Volunteer Opportunities

Choosing a Service Program

What Can You Gain from Volunteering with the CCCE?

It is important to consider both what you can give and what you want to get out of a service experience when trying to decide which type of program is right for you. Service is a way to share your talents, learn new skills, and explore a passion. All volunteering requires commitment and reliability. One of the benefits of the Center is that we offer a wide variety of programs so there is bound to be one that fits your skills or interests. Things to consider when choosing a service program:

Time Commitment

It is important to realize that demands on your time at Carleton will vary. Each of our 35 on-going programs have different schedules and expectations. Consider these questions when choosing:

  • What day(s) of the week are you available?
  • How frequently do you want to volunteer? Weekly? Monthly? Once a term? On-call basis?
  • Will you be off-campus any term this year?
  • Do you have other large obligations this term (e.g. sports team, comps, lab courses, etc)?
  • Do programs that interest you require additional time for travel?

Personal Interests

What do you enjoy doing? What have you always wanted to learn? Volunteering is amazingly rewarding if you commit yourself to the experience and to those you're serving.

  • What are your past volunteer experiences? Do you want to continue with similar service groups or try something new?
  • What ages do you like to work with?
  • What are your skills (e.g. fluency in a foreign language, experience working with people having developmental disabilities, enjoy listening and sharing with children, gardening experience, etc.)?
  • What skills and knowledge would you hope to gain from your volunteer experience to help you in your future career?
  • Do you prefer to volunteer one-on-one or with a group? 

Other Ways to Get Involved

Don't see a program you like? Start a new one! Find out more here.

Check out service opportunities outside of Carleton here.


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