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Additional Resources

On-Campus Resources

Acting in the Community Together Center (ACT)

Carleton College's service center. Check here for volunteering opportunities

Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching

The LTC sponsors conversations, encourages reflection, and offers a venue for classroom innovations that bear on the challenges and opportunities of education at a distinctive liberal arts college.

National and State Resources

Minnesota Campus Compact (MCC)

Minnesota Campus Compact is a nonprofit coalition of 49 college and university presidents committed to strengthening communities through campus-community partnerships and education for informed and active citizenship.

Campus Compact

Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 950 college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education. To support this civic mission, Campus Compact promotes community service that develops students' citizenship skills and values, encourages partnerships between campuses and communities, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.


Science education for new civic engagements and responsibilities.

Learn and Serve (Corporation for National Community Service)

Provides a basic introduction to service-learning, links to statewide service organizations and opportunities for obtaining grants and scholarships.

National Service Learning Clearinghouse

The National Service Learning Clearinghouse, a program of Learn and Serve America, operates America's premier website supporting the service-learning efforts of schools, higher education institutions, communities and tribal nations. They offer timely information and relevant resources. They also have an Online Library.

Higher Education Research Institute

This three-year study continues work to understand how service learning is affecting students and faculty in higher education.

National Youth Leadership Council

Serves to empower youths through service learning from receivers of information to valuable members of a democracy.

National Society for Experiential Education

National resource center for research and improvement of experiential education programs.