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"WAKE UP!" Central Touring Theater 2012 Original Show

Central High School Touring Theater Performance

Date: Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Time: 1:30 pm

Location: Norse Little Theatre

Contact: Adrienne Falcon, x5748

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Written and created entirely by the students and driven, as always, by singing, acting, dance, poetry and hip hop theatre; this year’s themes include: The importance of education,Surviving school when you don’t fit in, Getting beyond bullying, Challenging race and gender stereotypes, Struggles of Muslim children, GLBT issues and rights, Staying strong in difficult family situations, Growing up healthy without a dad, Facing and getting beyond street violence, Holding on to yourself in a relationship, Global awareness: International sweatshops

By confronting difficult issues involving race, gender, and education and analyzing personal relationships from our connection with ourselves to our connection with the global community, the newest show in over thirty years of social justice theater from Central Touring Theater inspires the audience to fight despair and stay awake, engaged, and present in our lives!


Students, Faculty, Staff

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