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Senior Comprehensive Projects 2006

American Studies

  • Joy Friedman



  • Jasmit Dhaliwal, Finding Solidarity Through Different: La Casa del Sol and LASO

Political Science

  • Mokerah Bradley, White Feminist Movement: The Limited and Simplistic View of the World
  • Sara Ciner Schodt, NGOs in the Globalized Era: The emerging prominence of non-government development organizations as uniquely effective agents of social development in the developing world


  • Will Holley, Liberator or Oppressor: Exploring the Black Church and Homosexuality
  • David Lamont, Minority Buddhists and Race Relations in the Elite Convert American Buddhist Environment: Creating a New Space for Dharma
  • Lexi Gelperin, Distilling Creationism out of Creation Science: Religion and Science Dance Together at the Grand Canyon
  • Bill Wischstady, Closer to God: Identity and Life of Holiness in the Apostolic Assembly of the Faith in Christ Jesus


  • Michael Ide, Northwest Coast Art in Canadian Society
  • Nira Ly, The Hmong Women's Movement: A Feminist Perspective
  • Roxanna Moreno, Gender Transition in the Immigration Process
  • Drew Riley, Jamaican Youth, Dancehall Culture, Gender Identity
  • Lauren Simpson, The Function of Social Capital in West African Money-Lending Schemes
  • Alessandra Vitrella, Self-Determination Through Education: Inuit in Nunavut