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We are in the process of moving to our new CCCE site. Please excuse any broken links or other issues during this process, as we improve our site to serve you better.

Resources for Student Transportation

Getting to and from ACE project sites

Questions? Contact Cindy Plash, Administrative Assistant for Community and Civic Engagement,


  • It’s good for you, and many of our sites are not far away from the Carleton campus. You can find help planning your route here.


  • Many sites, including all Northfield schools, have bike parking facilities. Northfield bike trails can be viewed on the city’s website.

Hiawathaland Transit

  • Carleton students working on ACE projects may obtain free fare tokens using the online Voucher/Token Request Form from campus services. To get tokens, fill out the online form and pick them up at the Information Desk in Sayles (M–F 9AM–6PM, Sat/Sun 11AM–4PM).
    • Each token is for a one-way ride
    • Pick-up and drop-off is at Willis Hall

    Dial-A-Ride Service with Hiawathaland Transit.  See web site for further information.

    Service available Monday–Saturday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

    To schedule a ride, call 866-623-7505 between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday or between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm on Saturday.

First Choice Shuttle (vouchers) *New Information*

First Choice Shuttle offers taxi service within the City limits during day and evening hours on weekdays and weekends.

If you are traveling to one of the following schools request a blue voucher.  This is a fixed route which leaves Willis Hall beginning at 9am and thereafter every 15 minutes until 3:15pm:

  • Sibley School (front door until 3PM - after 3PM the corner of Ames & Maple)
  • Bridgewater School (at front door)
  • Northfield Middle School (at front door)
  • Northfield High School (at senior’s parking lot, first lot on east side of high school)

Request Blue Vouchers NO APPOINTMENT needed, route based rides M-F (9A-3:15P) between Willis Hall and four schools on the south west side of town.  For travel beyond 9:00-3:15 you will also need a Purple Voucher.

Travel to Greenvale Elementary School (teacher’s parking lot on east side of school), request a Green Voucher.  Call for reservation, 507-645-4447 (7A-7P). Pick up is at Willis Hall. 

For all other travel, request Purple Voucher. Call 507-645-4447 (7A-7P) for appointment only rides for CCCE purposes in Northfield/Dundas. Also for rides to/from Blue Voucher locations when the fixed route is not operating (before 9A and after 3:15P M-F).  

Request Voucher/Token Request Form pick up at the Info Desk in Sayles (M–F 9AM–6PM, Sat/Sun 11AM–4PM).

  • Each voucher is for a one-way ride
  • Call 1–24 hours in advance to reserve your ride
  • If there is more than one student in a group, you may all share one voucher

Campus Vehicles

  • Campus vehicles are available for projects or ACE classes that are outside the Northfield/Dundas area and is not serviced by public transportation.
  • Requests should be made as early as possible and at least 48 hours (Monday-Friday) prior to need.
  • You or someone in your group must be a trained Campus Driver. View the requirements for eligible drivers.
  • You and anyone traveling with you must complete the Release and Waiver form prior to travel.  Form link - Release and Waiver Form
  • PLEASE NOTE that if you fail to pick up the keys for your reservation, a 100 mile standard "no-show" charge of $57 will be made to the department. The campus services office closes at 5PM and cancellations can be made right up to the time of reservation pick up with no charge. So please cancel your reservation with the campus services office if you end up not needing the vehicle. Thanks!

Campus Vehicle Request Form


Northfield Metro Express

  • For access to the Twin Cities for student projects, Northfield Metro Express provides regular bus service from the Carleton Campus to various locations in the Twin Cities.
  • Student passes are available, but funding is not automatic and single tickets cost $11. If you need to use this option for your ACE course, please contact Cindy Plash to see if it is possible.
  • For transportation within the Twin Cities region, consult the Metro Transit website.