CAC Clothes Closet

About CAC Clothes Closet

The Clothes Closet serves low-income families in Northfield and helps to support other CAC programs.

The Clothes Closet is a local retail thrift store operated by the Northfield Community Action Center that provides thousands of dollars worth of free and discounted clothing and household items to income-eligible families living in the Northfield School District. The Clothes Closet is also open to the public and serves as a great recycling site for the community. Student volunteers are needed to help sort, price, and merchandise donations on a weekly basis. In addition to being a fun place to work, the Clothes Closet is a great place to shop! If you have a couple of hours a week or month to volunteer, please call the ACT center or email the Carleton Program Directors listed above.

Go to the Northfield Community Action Center's website at: