Assistance with Proposal Preparation

Proposals vary as much as the individuals who write them. In addition to the guidelines published by the Dean of the College, the following suggestions might be useful in developing proposals:

  1. Discuss your ideas with colleagues, your department chair, and the deans. Try to assess the impact your proposal will have on your department, other departments, the curriculum, and the College.
  2. Locate funding resources. Consult the staff of Corporate and Foundation Relations.
  3. Obtain the proposal guidelines and application packet (if available).
  4. Read the guidelines and the instructions.
  5. Match your ideas and language to the needs and language of the grantor.
  6. Assess campus needs and contact the appropriate person. For example, call the Chief Technology Officer for computer needs, the Vice President and Treasurer for space assignment, and the College Librarian for library resources.
  7. Obtain the appropriate signatures for the External Proposal Approval Form available electronically here (link upper right, and on CFR Forms & Templates via menu left). Depending on the kind of grant, you may need signatures from your Department Chair, the Dean of the College, the Business Office, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Information Technology Services, Institutional Research and Assessment, and Vice President and Treasurer.
  8. Complete and sign the Compliance & Disclosure Form if the funder is a federal agency.

Beyond this, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can aid grantseekers by providing assistance with draft organization and preparation, informing of NSF proposal specifics, creating a budget, and editing and submitting proposals. After a grant is awarded, we can also help with the administration of the grant, including monitoring and submitting reports on the grant.