Grant Administration and Reporting

Essential post-award information

An electronic Grants Manual has been prepared by Carleton's Business Office as a resource for faculty who have received external or federal funding, in order to provide the necessary resources to ensure a successful project.

About reports

After a grant has been awarded, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR)

  1. notifies the Dean's Office, the Assistant Comptroller in the Business Office, the appropriate academic department, and the principal investigator of award details, including reporting requirements, as applicable.
  2. generates reminders of reports due, via an automated system, which are forwarded to the reporting officer (usually the principal investigator or project director) for handling.
  3. works with the reporting officer to draft interim and final reports, or provides whatever other assistance might be necessary to meet a reporting deadline. For almost all institutional proposals, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations drafts the interim and final reports.
  4. tracks institutional relationships with funders by carefully monitoring grants and working directly with faculty; for instance, we like to be informed about grant activities as this information can be useful in developing future proposals and ensuring the continued good will of Carleton's benefactors.

Reporting information for various agencies: