Curricular Grants

For Carleton Faculty:

As part of the 3-year, Mellon Foundation funded Global Engagement Initiative, we invite application for Curriculum Innovation Grants to support work by individual faculty or teams of faculty to enhance Carleton's curriculum and further the goals of global engagement. GEI Curriculum Innovation Grants will be awarded by the GEI Steering Committee in consultation with the Faculty Grants Committee for the summer of 2014 or winter break of 2014-15. Directors and participants in any of the activities described below can receive stipends of $600 per week of full-time work up to a maximum of $3,000 (please note that stipends are taxable). Generally, grants of $1,200 (two weeks' support) will be available for individual course revisions; larger sums may be requested for development of new courses.  Small sums for other expenses can also be provided (please note how much of your request is for expenses). The total grant may be larger than $3,000 for group applications.

Proposals are invited, addressing any of the following categories:

  • Area Studies methods course that addresses epistemological and interdisciplinary issues and offers the possibility of cooperative work across area studies.
    Courses that relate to the GEI Annual Theme, to be announced by the start of Winter term 2014.
  • Courses developing on-campus assignments and modules that can more effectively incorporate students’ off-campus experience and/or micro-courses developed in cooperation with the Carleton OCS office that will help students prepare for or reflect on their experiences in study abroad.
  • Courses that integrate foreign language into academic work (especially, but not exclusively, outside foreign language departments), either through modules within new and existing courses or as “trailer” courses taught in a target language.
  • Team taught cross-area courses that address global interconnectedness within a framework that brings to bear deep area knowledge.
  • Team-taught Global Engagement course that will involve faculty and students in approaching a global issue, that would accommodate planning and implementation of a pilot project to bring together students working on a similar topics across different regions of the world and different disciplines
  • Development of assessment modules that accompany any of the above courses.
  • Other projects not outlined above but that are in the spirit of the Global Engagement Initiative (which should be discussed with the co-directors before submission).

 The co-directors of GEI, Katie Ryor ( and Scott Carpenter (, welcome questions about the types of GEI courses listed above and can provide more specific examples if requested.  They are also happy to confer with interested faculty as they develop their proposals.  Proposals should be specific about the nature of the activities to be undertaken with grant support and about the goals of the curriculum to be developed.  Evidence of appropriate consultation with departments or interdisciplinary programs should also be included. In cases in which pedagogical work requires support from technical or academic support staff, proposals should describe the support needed and feasibility.

Proposals should be submitted by February 7, 2014 to the Dean of the College office.  Also submit the electronic Internal Grant Application Cover Sheet.