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Data Resources

Government agencies, higher education institutions, research organizations, NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), and private data vendors are the major GIS data providors.  These data may be acquired at no cost or with a fee. 

  • The following pages offer various link to free data sets offered by these agencies and organizations:
  • Data from Minnesota
  • Data from Institutions and NGOs
  • Data from Governments in Other Countries
  • Data from US Federal Goavernment

Often you will need to modify the acquired data to fit the purpose of your project.  Contact Wei-Hsin Fu (x5733, if you need help in acquiring or editing your GIS data.

For those of you who are interested in the laws and policy guiding the collection, use and distribution of spatial data, Centre for Spatial Law and Policy (, a non-profit organization promoting the need for a consistent legal and policy framework to address the issues that arise from the growing use of spatial technology, announced its operations on June 28, 2010.