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Data from Governments in Other Countries



  • Australia
    • Discover Information Geographically
      Governmental GIS data, including landcover, boundaries, biodiversity data, elevation and more.
      • Agency: Australian Government - Department of the Environment
      • Download Site: Data Explorer
    • Geoscience Australia
      Australian Government GIS data with geology focus. Includes topographic maps, geological data, hydrological maps etc.
      • Agency: Australian Government - Geoscience Australia
      • Download Site: Data and Publications Search
      • Note: To find the data use the product search box in the upper right corner.
    • OpenData Programme
      Open Data available from the Australian Government, including, but not limited to, soil, climate, and census data.
      • Agency: Australian Government
      • Download Site: Available Datasets
      • Note: This link displays only shapefiles.
    • South Australia Spatial Data Downloads
      Spatial data from the state of South Australia. Data is aimed at planners. Topics include land development zones, bushfire protection areas, generalized land use and more.
    • Queensland Government Information Service
      Data from the state of Queensland on topics including biodiversity, water resources, census data and more.
      • Agency: Queensland Government
      • Download Site: Spatial Data Search
      • Note: All data must be ordered, but the majority of the data is free of charge. Data is delivered by e-mail.
    • Office of Environment and Heritage Spatial Data
      Spatial data from New South Wales including biodiversity, conservation resources, vegetation and soil mapping, and more.
      • Agency: New South Wales Office of the Environment and Heritage
      • Download Site: Online Data Access
      • Note: A User Search Guide is available here.
  • Belgium
    • Belgium Marine Data
      Data on the marine environment around Belgium including anchorage areas, naviation routes, power cables, wind farms, dredging zones and sand banks.
  • Bolivia
    • GeoBolivia
      Open GIS data available from the Bolivian Governmnet. Website is in Spanish
      • Agency: The Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia/li>
      • Download Site: GeoPortal
      • Note: The Website is in Spanish. Registration is needed to download data, but data is free of charge.