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Support at Carleton


Whom should I contact for installing/upgrading ArcGIS on my computer?

For college-owned individual desktops and laptops, contact Rapid Response at x5999 or

For computer labs, contact Rebecca Barkmeier (a.k.a. Rebecca Hulett) at x4371 or

For personal desktops and laptops, contact Wei-Hsin Fu at x5733 or


Which computer labs can I go to use ArcGIS?

For everybody: CMC 110, CMC 102 (five computers in this lab are installed with ArcGIS)
For students working in the GIS lab and faculty: Goodsell 02 (GIS Lab)
For Geology students and faculty: MUD 66 and MUD 75 (Geology labs)


Who can help me with questions about spatial analysis and GIS?

Wei-Hsin Fu: x5733,


Who can help me with questions about using GIS and spatial analysis software?

Wei-Hsin Fu: x5733,
Aaron Swoboda can help you with  Matlab spatial econometric toolbox, x5784,


Who can help me locating or creating GIS data for my project?

Wei-Hsin Fu: x5733, 


Who can help me create a map for my paper?

Kristin Partlo: x7668,
Charles Priore, Jr: x4415,
Ann Zawistoski: x7671,
Wei-Hsin Fu: x5733,


Whom should I contact when I cannot start ArcGIS?

For individual computers, contact Rapid Response at x5999 or, or SCIC (Student Computing Information Center) at x4040 when Rapid Response is closed (SCIC hours)

For a computer lab, contact SCIC at x4040