Archaeology Courses

  • ARCN 246: Archaeological Methodology

    A study of the methods currently employed in the retrieval, recording and interpretation of archaeological evidence. Among the topics to be covered are regional surveys, selection of sites for excavation, methods of excavation and recording, conservation of artifacts, scientific analyses of archaeological material and data, and the final publication of results. No prerequisite.

    6 credit; Social Sciences, Science with Lab; not offered 2013–2014
  • ARCN 395: Archaeology: Science, Ethics, Nationalism and Cultural Property

    This seminar course will focus on a wide range of contemporary issues in archaeology, including case studies from many continents and time periods that shed light on archaeological theory and practice. Specific course content varies. The course serves as the capstone seminar for the Archaeology Concentration; enrollment is also open to non-concentrators.

    6 credit; Social Sciences, Does not fulfill a curricular exploration requirement; offered Winter 2014 · M. Savina