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South Pacific

The goal of the Studio Art in the South Pacific program is to bring together studio art practice with the challenges and advantages of off-campus study – drawing from nature in a new environment, studying social issues in the context of a foreign setting, and producing narrative work in response to travel. Students will work both to improve their drawing skills and to see drawing as a unique way to understand the world. The work of the entire term, including both drawing and printmaking projects, will form a visual journal in which the students will record the experiences of travel abroad. Students will examine social and environmental issues, learn about indigenous and post-colonial art and artists, visit with artists and interact with people along the way.

Fred Hagstrom is the program director as well as the instructor for all courses, assisted by guest lecturers and visiting artists. Fred has led six prior Carleton seminars in studio art to the South Pacific. His teaching areas are printmaking, drawing, book arts, and courses that focus on the narrative potential of art.


Australia/ New Zealand/ Cook Island Program

Program Assistant for Winter 2015 Program


The Position

The position is open to people who will have graduated by June 2014 and who are former participants of the program.  It pays a modest salary (around $4,000), which includes all program expenses, including airfare and some spending money for midterm break.  It requires a commitment for the entire program.  Due to budget considerations, we may initially only hire one helper with a possibility to hire an additional helper later, when the budget issues are resolved.  This is necessary due to the fluctuation of the dollar.  It makes firm budgeting difficult until we get closer to the program.  We do hope to have two people in this position.

In general, the Program Assistant(s) will have to satisfy two very different roles: what the Faculty Director needs and what the students expect.  The Faculty Director needs helpers that make his life easier, anticipate things that need doing, and who can provide solid technical advice in the studio as well as exemplify an interest in art that goes beyond the college years.  The students want someone who makes the trip fun, a sort of super RA who can also help them when they are upset.  Balancing these roles is the hardest part of the position.  A proven commitment to art is a must for this position.

What We will look for

Specific skills—the Program Assistant(s) will need to know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle and be willing to help out with some of the food preparation.  We try to minimize the food preparation, but there will be times when help with these tasks will be required.  First Aid experience is also a plus.  We need help in keeping the group safe when snorkeling, so comfort and a fairly good level of experience in the water is important.

1. Excellent drawing skills.  The assistant is a major help in teaching the drawing course, so she/he will need good skills and commitment to drawing, as well as the ability to discuss drawing issues in a clear and helpful manner.  When you were on the trip, were you fully engaged with the drawing course particularly in drawing from nature?  The program Assistant would be an example to the students, so his/her interest, skill, and discipline in drawing is important.

2. A good familiarity with etching and relief printing, and bookbinding.  The ability to do demos in each of these areas is important.  The Program Assistant will really teach in prints, so some continued experience in these specific print media beyond just 1-2 courses is very helpful.  What experience in printmaking - particularly in relief and intaglio - have you had since courses at Carleton?

3. Reliability.  It is a tricky position--part peer, part leader.  The Program Assistant must have a good record of taking initiative, getting things done, etc.  Responsibilities for a staff person are different from those for students, and we will need someone who is comfortable with that role.  Organization is very important.  We need people who are going to reduce the workload for the Faculty Director.

4. An open attitude with people.  The Program Assistant has to interact well with people and be able to establish a rapport with diverse groups.  She/he must play the role of a friendly helper, as well as being able to tell people what to do sometimes.  While we want the helper to be a good example as an artist and help in the studio courses, the students want a friend who makes the trip more fun. This is a very important aspect of this job.

5. Comfort with the basic design of the program.  Since much of the program is fairly oriented to the outdoors, basic ease with the camping, hiking, and water portions of the trip is a must.  SCUBA certification would be nice, but is not a strict requirement.  We especially need help here in terms of safety.

6. A good work ethic.  It is a long and tiring trip.  We need someone who exemplifies a strong commitment to working in the studio.

How to apply

E-mail or send a letter applying for the position to the address below.  State your strengths and reasons for wanting to do the job.  Right now, we don’t intend to conduct interviews (but that could change).

Letter of application is due Jan 26- Australia Day

Fred Hagstrom

Art and Art History Department

Boliou Hall

1 North College St.

Northfield, MN 55057



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At work in Auckland
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