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Art and Art History Resources for Students

  • The Visual Resources Collection

    The Visual Resources Collection provides images for the study of the history of art and has imaging equipment and facilities for departmental use.
  • Perlman Teaching Museum

    The Perlman Teaching Museum exhibits works from the College's collection, traveling exhibitions, and shows curated by Carleton students, faculty, and staff. The Museum also hosts the annual Studio Art comps show.
  • Library Resources

    The Gould Library maintains a comprehensive guide for research in Art and Art History on their website.
  • Regional Museums

    Information about area museums, including the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, The Walker Art Center, and The Carleton Art Gallery
  • Visiting Artists and Scholars

    The Department keeps up an active schedule of visiting artists and scholars who add greatly to the life of the department. Their time on campus includes both formal lectures and more personal interactions with students.
  • Trips and Events

    This page offers a variety of trips and events available to students. Some are annual while others may be a one-time only event.
  • Student Departmental Advisers

    Names and information about Student Departmental Advisers
  • Internships and Fellowships

    Information about internships and fellowships.
  • Student Employment

    The department employs a number of students through the work-study program. These jobs often augment students' skills and enhance their background in many aspects of art production and use.
  • Special Funds For Majors

    This page contains information regarding special funds for which majors can apply through the department.