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Student Employment Opportunities

The department employs a number of students through the work-study program. These jobs often augment students' skills and enhance their background in many aspects of art production and use. Positions include working in the visual resources library, monitoring the woodshop, the photo lab and the ceramics and metals labs and serving as assistants to studio faculty in maintaining studio spaces and equipment. The Perlman Teaching Museum also employs gallery guards. In addition, two seniors are selected each year to return as Fifth Year Educational Assistants. This is a paid position in which the assistants help with departmental duties. They are also given time and space to continue their studio work.

In addition to working in the Visual Resources Library, art history majors are encouraged to participate in giving review sessions and grading quizzes for introductory courses. Students gain many educational benefits both from their involvement with these introductory courses and their employment in the Visual Resources Library.