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Visiting Artists and Scholars

The Department keeps up an active schedule of visiting artists and scholars who add greatly to the life of the department. Their time on campus includes both formal lectures and more personal interactions with students. Visiting artists and scholars are sponsored either directly by the department or through the gifts from the Robert Lehman Foundation Lecture Series and the Christopher U. Light Lectureship in the Arts Series.

Visiting visual artists to the department in recent years have included:

  • artist Stan Honda, photographer of the Sept. 11 events in New York City
  • Jeff Oestrich, well-known Minnesota ceramics artist
  • Aldo Moroni, also a Minnesota artist
  • Roger Sayre, practicing photographer at Pace University in New York (who curated the exhibit This is not a photograph),
  • Manos Nathan, Maori artist from New Zealand
  • Japanese artists Roger Shimomura and Masami Teraoka
  • Stephen Mumford, author of "Baghdad Journal," who visited with and offered critiques to students in addition to his public presentation

Several Carleton graduates have shown their work and have spoken about the development of careers using their Carleton backgrounds.

In the area of Art History, department guests have included such prestigious speakers as:

  • Tim Barringer of Yale
  • Martin Berger of SUNY, Buffalo
  • Michael Lobel of Bard College
  • Timon Screech of the University of London
  • Mary Garrard of the American University in Washington, D.C.
  • Craig Harbison, Professor of Art History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Larry Silver, University of Pennslyvania

The lectures offer the opportunity to assess different viewpoints and approaches to subjects within the disciplines of art and art history.