Seminar Requirement

The final requirement for successful completion of comps is attendance of 10 of the Monday afternoon seminars that the Biology Department will arrange.  This requirement must be met by the end of the fifth week of spring term. These seminars serve to expose you to the presentations of researchers from a variety of disciplines within Biology, and to give you an opportunity to meet and talk with biologists from outside the Department. Sign-up sheets will be available to record attendance after each seminar. It is the responsibility of individual students to keep track of the number of seminars attended and to be sure they have signed the attendance sheets. Failure to attend the requisite number of seminar will prevent you from graduating. Upcoming seminars can be found on the Nucleus Events Calendar or check the Full Seminar Schedule. Occasionally seminars offered by other departments will count toward the Biology Department seminar requirement.  You will be advised in advance of these opportunities.

Seniors will receive credit for attendance of one Journal Club meeting per term, but attendance must be taken in order to use this option. Current Biology DCCs assume responsibility for dates and times of Journal Club sessions.