Hernandez Featured in Spring 2013 VOICE

May 8, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Assistant Professor of Biology, Dan Hernandez, was recently interviewed for the Spring 2013 as  a Carleton professor who was instrumental to students' development. Dan states:

The new system will also attend to students’ developmental stages. “From age 18 to 22 is a big jump,” says biology professor Dan Hernandez. “A senior in college is academically and developmentally more mature than a first-year student who is perhaps leaving home for the first time. Students require different resources along the way.”     

Biology major Lydia English ’13 (Providence, R.I.) was a sophomore when she took her first class from Hernandez, a biology class that explored how environmental changes can affect life on Earth. The course left her disheartened. “I made an appointment with Dan to talk about the class because I was becoming pessimistic,” she says. “I felt hopeless—like there was nothing I could do to turn the tide on environmental decline.”

Hernandez encouraged English to focus on small changes to avoid becoming paralyzed by the enormity of the problem. The summer after her junior year, she became one of his research assistants, studying restoration ecology in the Arb. Working on conservation research in Carleton’s backyard inspired a local focus. “Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the options,” says English, “I’ve decided to refine my interests and work on a local level for a conservation organization or for the National Parks Service and see where that leads.”