Departmental Service

Student Departmental Advisors

Student Departmental Advisors (SDAs) are specially selected senior majors who are dedicated to nurturing interest in the subject of Biology. They are responsible for running and holding advising hours prior to course registration, representing the department at the annual Academic and Majors fairs, meeting with outside guests, and maintaining a list of students interested in Biology.

Each Spring the Department selects two rising seniors to serve as Student Department Advisors. Students who have expressed an interest and whose major GPAs are above 3.00 (a college requirement) are considered. The Department attempts to select seniors from different "areas" within the Biology major. If you are interested in becoming an SDA, speak with your advisor and/or the Department Chairperson.

2014-15 Student Departmental Advisors:   Laura Freymiller and Jorde Ranum

Department Curriculum Committee

DCC members are an active group of biology majors interested in serving as a liaison between students interested in biology, fellow majors, and the biology department faculty and staff. The Committee typically consists of 4-6 junior and senior members, and is supervised by a department faculty member.  This committee was created and exists to foster a greater community where students can relax and have a good time together in various social settings.

New members are regularly invited to join the DCC, typically after major declaration at the end of the sophomore year, via email. Members are committed to attending DCC meetings and department events, and are responsible for organizing several social and academic events over the course of each year. If you are interested in becoming a member, inquire at the Biology Office to learn more!

2014-15  John Cannon, Jody He, Corina Perez, Katarina Rolf, and Grace Sassana