November 8, 2010 at 12:51 pm

DANTA: Association for Conservation of the Tropics Winter 2010/2011 and Summer 2011 Field Courses


Danta: Association for Conservation of the Tropics is pleased to announce its winter and summer 2011 field courses in tropical biology. The courses are intended for undergraduates or early graduate level students who have a keen interest in tropical biology and conservation, but have little or no experience of working in a tropical environment. Participants may enroll on either a credit or non-credit basis.


Courses will be held in Costa Rica’s spectacular Osa Peninsula. As one of the largest tracts of rain forest north of the Amazon, this area is renowned for high animal and plant diversity. It is one of only a few places in Costa Rica that has jaguar, puma, sea turtles and four species of monkey (mantled howler monkey, black-handed spider monkey, white-faced capuchin and squirrel monkey). It is also home to nearly 4,000 plant species, including trees more than 200 feet tall. All students participating in our programs will have opportunity to be involved in applied conservation and community service.


Winter 2010/2011 Course


Primate Behavior and Conservation (December 28, 2010

January 17, 2011) Instructors: Kimberly Dingess, Anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington; Dr. Jessica Westin, Anthropology, Penn State and Dr. Klaus Zuberbühler, Psychology, University of St. Andrews, Scotland.


Summer 2011 Course


Primate Behavior and Conservation (June 15

July 12). Coordinator: Kimberly Dingess, Anthropology, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Sea Turtle Conservation and Tropical Herpetology (July 14

August 10): Instructors: Dr. Steffen Reichle, Dept. of Science Education, The Nature Conservancy; and Dr. Dirk Embert, Science/Conservation Officer, Fundacion Amigos de la Naturaleza, Bolivia.


As much of our advertising is done by word-of-mouth, we encourage you to spread the word by forwarding this email to students or friends who may be interested in our programs.

For more information, please visit our website at www.DANTA.info or email conservation@danta.info


We hope to see you in Costa Rica!