Oceans Research RES-131 Internship

October 4, 2012 at 2:36 pm
By Lorie Tuma

Oceans research was established to promote and facilitate research on the predators and mega-fauna throughout
South Africa. Since its formalization in 2007, the institute has become an academic hotspot for some of Southern
Africa's most dedicated and passionate scientists who are conducting groundbreaking marine research projects in
some of the world's most challenging, beautiful and remote environments.

Gain unique practical experience in marine research on the southern coast of Africa. The research is focused on the
Cape fur seal, the Great White shark, numerous species of fish, and the bottlenose dolphin, and the environmental
conditions these species live. We also operate a shark aquarium and research facility where we conduct studies on
small captive shark species.

For more information or to join this exciting training program, please email: research@oceans-campus.com
or visit our website at www.oceans-campus.com.